Referral Marketing

Referrals tend to be made by word of mouth and many are spontaneous. You can influence referrals however, through appropriate strategies that we can help you to implement.

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Referral Marketing

Did you enjoy the last meal you ate out? Did you tell your friend they now need to go and try it out? This is basic referral marketing BUT we can make it clever.

From encouraging and rewarding your current customers to refer you, to tracking customer behaviour online and focusing on customer interactions, we can ensure your referral strategy is more sophisticated than spontaneous. Let’s discuss what options are available to you.

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“I worked with Jo at Fill the Gap Marketing to develop a targeted sales and marketing plan for the University’s trading company. I found them both extremely personable and engaging. They were able to spot opportunities and communicate them to us clearly. Their work was extremely valuable and I would recommend Fill the Gap highly to any firm who does not have an in-house marketing team or alternatively any business needing an external perspective of their marketing and sales plans.”

Rob Jones – Director of Enterprise
Bishop Grosseteste University

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