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Need to ‘do some’ marketing but don’t know where to start? Fill the Gap Marketing is here to act as your marketing department; together, we can grow your business.

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 marketing expertiseIs your business ready to be elevated to the next level and you need marketing support to help it grow?

Fill the Gap’s Marketing Team on Demand Service, provides professional, strategic and tactical marketing services that will help to grow your business, without the ties of a contract or the costly overheads of employing your own staff.

For less than the cost of one Marketing Manager – you get access to an entire Marketing Team on Demand.  It’s like having your own marketing department, but totally affordable.

So, whether you’re looking to grow without recruiting your own staff, need support on a project, require marketing expertise for a fixed time period (such as sickness or maternity leave cover) or you’ve simply lost any relevant specialist marketing knowledge within your business, give us a call. Let’s grow together.

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So, what is your investment?

How much money do you waste on marketing that doesn’t work? Do you dabble in a little social media marketing but fail to get results? Do you write the odd blog or send the occasional email with nothing to show for it?

If you don’t have a marketing strategy and a tactical marketing plan, which you rigorously stick to, you are quite possibly throwing away money that should be used to attract lucrative new customers for your business.

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How you will benefit from working with Fill the Gap Marketing…

  • You will have a strong, consistent presence on all marketing channels that you choose to utilise – ensuring you remain front of mind to your prospects.
  • We will align your strategic marketing plan to your business plan to ensure your business objectives and targets are met.
  • We will ensure you find the opportunities available to you within your industry to ensure you stay ahead of your competitors.
  • You will be supported by a full team of marketers, from Strategic Marketing Professionals to excellent Copywriters and Digital Marketing Managers.
  • A happy, friendly team who love marketing and can’t wait to help you.
  • We always do what we say we will do.
  • Whether B2B or B2C, we can help you to attract new customers and grow your business.

“I would recommend Fill the Gap Marketing to any business leader looking to develop, enhance or deliver their marketing strategy. They are creative, proactive and commercially astute and deliver outstanding results – quickly”.

Stuart Cross – Founder, Morgan Cross Consulting Ltd

“We contacted Fill the Gap Marketing for interim marketing manager support whilst recruiting. They came on site and helped write our annual marketing plan including budgeting, then proceeded to deliver the plan for us to ensure the charity continued to hit its objectives.”

Jo Snell – CEO, Bransby Horses

Are you ready to elevate your business?

Do you want to attract new clients but simply don’t know where to start?

Are you finding you have some budget but no time to utilise it effectively?

Without research, planning, expertise and time, it’s so hard to effectively attract new prospects, time flies when you’re swamped in emails, admin and meetings right?

But you want to grow.

Fill the Gap Marketing can work to a budget that suits you, setting measurable targets in effective timeframes that will ensure your business grows at a rate to suit you.

Let us make a tactical marketing plan that will support you in achieving your goals and growing your business to where you want it to be.  To where you need it to be.

It’s time to make your ambitions a reality.

Let’s grow together! It’s this easy…


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How can marketing really make such a difference for you?

Well, the proof can be found with all of our clients. We have helped a vast range of various sized customers; from one-man bands, who we helped to grow into small, successful businesses, to charities who we have helped to raise substantial donations for.

We regularly succeed in lead generation for our B2B clients across a range of sectors and industries. We have supported many SMEs and watched them flourish and grow, even during 2020, a year that has challenged many of their competitors.

But what if you change your mind – how tied to us are you? Here’s the great thing. Rather than employing someone, by using us you are only ever 30 days away from cancelling our services (although we’re confident you won’t want to, we know it’s reassuring to know that you can). If you change your mind or decide to take on someone permanently, we can help you to recruit that person before parting ways and wishing you the best of luck.

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Still not sure?
Download our Marketing Guide…

A comprehensive guide to the basic principles of marketing, written by Fill the Gap Marketing’s Managing Director, Joanne Wilson.

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