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This is the exact same method I used to grow my own business from just myself, doing the odd bit of work for one or two clients, to a team of five us in a successful marketing agency.  We apply this method to our own agency and for our clients.  We have been using this blueprint successfully for more than 10 years and have fine-tuned it along the way to make it the streamlined action-plan that now lies before you.

The programme consists of 10 courses in 1 that show you how to create a marketing action plan bespoke to your business that is designed to attract your dream clients.

We wanted a solution to offer to businesses who didn’t have the budget for us to do their marketing for them.  Everybody deserves to take advantage of the HUGE BENEFITS that marketing planning can bring.

This course is for you.

Course Modules

  • How to do customer research (front end and back end)
  • How to analyse your market, the importance of internal analysis and what you can learn when you forensically analyse your own business.
  •  How to use a SWOT and make it a useful tool.
  •  Setting Goals and Key Performance Indicators that give you accountability and measurable success.
  • How to write your marketing strategy – including your customer targeting, positioning statement, identifying your ideal client and your USP.
  • Creation of an avatar of your perfect customer.
  •  The Marketing Mix – the Seven P’s – Product / Service, Price, Place/Distribution, Process, People, Physical Evidence.
  • Promotion – entire module on Promotion (the 7th P for those that were counting!).  Online and Offline.
  • How to write your marketing plan to ensure it gets actioned.  This course gives you the plan – the rest of the magic happens when you implement it.
  •  The importance of continuous measurement and review and why you should be recording your success.
    . . . and more!
      This is how I have grown my own business and how I help my clients to grow their businesses in the agency that I have been running for more than 10 years.
      I am now offering this to smaller businesses who don’t have the budget for us to do their marketing for them but want to be able to take advantage of all of the benefits that marketing planning can bring.

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      FTG Marketing Academy Prices:


      One-off cost of £997


      £333 per month for 3 months




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