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“The consultation was very helpful, we learned about what our weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are.
The client consultation document is also very useful and it made us think about marketing in a different light. I would recommend the consultation to all my friends and family – it covers everything you can imagine!”

Complimentary consulation – your taster session

If you would like some help to grow your business, book a Taster Session with one of our marketing specialists. It’s your opportunity to finally get marketing off your ‘to-do’ list. It’s our opportunity to show you how good we are. 

We show you, we don’t tell you.  This meeting is all about you.

This is completely at our expense and there is no obligation for you to use our services. If you would like to book a complimentary consultation, please select a date and time from the calendar below or call 01949 833593.

Book now. Because marketing means business.

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Book a complimentary
marketing consultation

If you would like some help to grow your business, why not take advantage of a complimentary marketing consultation with one of our marketing specialists. This is an hour of our time, either via Zoom or in person if you are local . . . and it is all about you and your business.

This is done for you marketing.


Free Complimentary Marketing Consultation


1. Book a consultation

Book your complimentary, one-hour marketing consultation with one of our marketing specialists at a time to suit you.

2. Complete a questionnaire

Fill the Gap Marketing will send you a questionnaire in preparation for your consultation. This will help you to get the most out of your hour with us.

3. Consultation

We will ask some probing questions to help us to understand your business, your customers, your marketing and what you are trying to achieve. During the consultation we will give you some initial advice and answer any specific questions you may have.

4. Await our proposed Marketing Action Plan

We will develop a 6-month tactical marketing plan, with proposed costings and timeframes as a result of our consultation. There is no obligation for you to accept this.

5. Implement the marketing plan

We do it all for you. We will implement the tactical marketing plan, acting as your own Marketing Team on Demand. Perfect if have some budget, but no time, and want to get things moving quickly.

We do some, you do some. You and FTG Marketing implement your marketing plan together. Ideal if you have time to spend on your marketing, but need some support.

We write the plan. You implement it. We will provide you with a comprehensive tactical marketing plan, which you deploy yourself. Perfect if you have more time than budget.

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