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Fill the Gap Marketing Academy

Do you want to grow your business?

Do you know you need to do some marketing, but you’re not sure where to start? You need a plan. A marketing plan.

What do you get?

We have created a package that encompasses everything we feel you need to do in order to create a practical marketing plan to help you to grow your business. Written in layman’s terms, and accompanied by a training video written and narrated by our Managing Director, Joanne Wilson, simply join the Marketing academy, download the worksheets and start growing your business. For the one off payment, you will get:
  • 50-minute webinar that talks you through how to create a marketing plan
  • 8 editable and printable worksheets
  • Customer survey template
  • Access to a Facebook group for advice and support
  • Exclusive offers from Fill the Gap Marketing
The membership fee of the Fill the Gap Academy is just £120 plus VAT. This is a one-off payment that will provide all of the above.  

Are you ready to grow your business?

The Marketing Planning Toolkit from the Fill the Gap Marketing Academy will help you to grow your business. By creating a marketing plan you will learn what marketing communications you need to do in order to attract more customers. Membership to the Fill the Gap Marketing Academy provides you with a downloadable webinar, which talks you through the eight stages of creating a strategic marketing plan, a plan that will grow your business. Alongside the webinar you will receive eight editable and printable worksheets, in addition to a customer survey template. Listen to the webinar and carry out the work required at each stage, and by the end of the process you will have created a practical marketing action plan to help you to grow your business. We appreciate that you might have questions along the way, which is why we have also created a Facebook page for our Marketing Academy, which will enable you to speak with peers and ask us questions. Our marketing professionals will monitor the page during working hours and will endeavour to help as much as possible.

Free Resources

Below are a few resourses we have put together to help you grow your business for free, however, we are on hand to add further assistance if you need us. Just call!  

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