It’s the ultimate want; no matter what business you are in, more leads into your sales funnel are a priority. Even if you are working at total capacity, you never know what’s around the corner. Having a consistent stream of enquiries coming into your business is essential for maintaining a healthy bank balance and elevating your business growth.

The problem is, everyone is wading through the pool of prospects, sifting out the solid leads and trying to entice them into becoming their customers. So, with competitors hot on your heels, how do you generate more enquiries?

Let us help.

Get social

Having a profile on various social media platforms is expected these days, but it’s not just about ensuring all your details are up to date and your profile picture looks good. Consistency is key. You should be regularly posting, three to four times a week if possible AND commenting, tagging, and sharing as much as you can. Tag people you know who will engage with you to increase your posts reach. Share posts and news from pages relevant to your business and industry.

We know consistency is a problem for many – it’s time-consuming. Many of our clients will tell us in their initial consultation that their social media is their weakness. They will have weeks for when they schedule in lots, then don’t get a chance for a while. We know it’s hard to find time for everything but setting aside an hour a week to write some posts and get them uploaded (you can schedule in Facebook and have them ready to copy and paste for other platforms) will help keep you on track. Keep an eye on those posts too, and be sure to like comments and reply to them. If a customer walked into your shop and said hello, you wouldn’t ignore them, so try not to do the same on social media.

Make Google your best friend

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is always a talking point with our clients; everyone wants to rank the highest on a Google search, but many cannot afford to pay for the competitive click ads. Luckily, you can improve your SEO organically. There are some easy wins; tag your images with keywords, spread relevant content over multiple pages to make it easier for Google to trawl, update copy regularly and so on. There are some valuable tools, such as Yoast, which can help you to enhance your SEO – you can use a free trial to see how much work does need to be done on your website.

It’s not just SEO though. Google My Business profiles are a brilliant way of being seen locally by prospects searching the internet. Treat your profile like you would (or should) your Facebook page – keep it regularly updated, ensure information is accurate, including potentially changeable elements, such as opening times, add pictures frequently and reply to comments. This will all help you to have a strong presence in your local area on relevant Google searches.

Networking and referrals

Many people see networking as a way of generating business, turning up to meetings with many business cards and a sales pitch at the ready. Whilst this approach may work for some, we generally find that it’s quite the opposite. Networking is a long game. It’s about nurturing business relationships, encouraging business collaboration, and forming friendships.

Over time you will find yourself referring people from your networking group to colleagues, friends, clients, and other businesses, and, in turn, they will do the same for you, which is why we have put these points together.

Referrals can also be from your current customer base and should not be overlooked as their very own enquiry generator. Try and encourage customers to refer you, either by asking for reviews or introducing an incentivised scheme – many companies offer a small discount for customers who refer a friend, for example.

Generate leads on LinkedIn

We’ve talked about social media already, so technically, this has been covered. If you work in Business to Business (B2B), LinkedIn deserves its own listing on here as it is a fabulous way to make relevant connections with potential leads.

If you use LinkedIn regularly, post relevant copy, share and comment on posts and direct message all of your connections when you make them (and check back in with people over time), then you should see enquiries increase. In business, timing is usually everything, so keeping in the forefront of your prospects’ minds and regularly saying ‘hello’ can put you in a position of ‘the right place at the right time’, for when that all-important enquiry is made.

Introduce a newsletter

Generating enquiries is all about building on a ‘nurture list’. That golden list of emails, all GDPR compliant, that you can use to contact potential customers and offer them your services. This list is priceless, yet so many businesses fail to utilise it to its full potential.

Once an enquiry comes in, don’t let the lead go cold, even if you don’t end up doing business initially. Regular newsletters, ideally monthly or fortnightly (try not to be too full-on unless you have loads to say weekly), will help to keep you in front of mind and generate enquiries over time. Promotions, new product launches etc, will all help to bring those all-important further enquiries in when the time is right.

Become a thought leader

We love the term thought leader; it means to become an authoritative figure in your industry – show people how qualified you are, how capable you are and ultimately, why they should work with you.

How? Blog.

Blogs are an excellent forum for covering relevant topics, showcasing your work, your personality and so on. Adding regular blogs to your website also refreshes content and helps your SEO, not to mention blogs give you plenty of fresh content to use and share on social media.

You don’t just have to write your own blogs either; there is a thing called guest blogs. If there are relevant companies linked to your area of work or you find a series of blogs related to your qualifications, offer to blog for them. This will allow you to increase your reach to broader audiences who may never have heard about you before.

Advertise and retarget

Advertising can be an expensive game, but it can reap the rewards. There are still the traditional offline channels, such as print and radio, which can generate plenty of enquiries if they are displayed/played in the right places. These, however, can be much harder to analyse the success.

Digital advertising, however, is far easier to manage, monitor and adjust to achieve the best possible return on your advertising investment. For as little as £1 per day, you can advertise on Facebook (as an example), define your audience, monitor reach, add pixels to your website to retarget clicks and so on. Whatever channel you use, you can also stop and start quickly, so if an advert needs amending or a promotion comes to an unplanned end, you can simply save your money and pause your advert – it is that easy.

Monitoring clicks throughs to a ‘contact us’ page or a calendar booking on a digital advert against enquiries on any day will enable you to see just how well your advert is generating queries for you.

Direct Engagement

We’re ending this with an old school approach to generating enquiries. It’s easy to get caught up in fancy ads, glamourous SEO tactics and funky newsletters – all of which are important. But sometimes, if you have a few prospects in mind, a good old fashioned phone call, personal email or, wait for it, face to face visit (how nice is it to be able to do this again) can go a long way when it comes to generating business.

Sometimes the personal approach is precisely what is needed to get people to bite, so don’t overlook it amid all the innovative ways to be seen – sometimes being direct and telling someone why they should work with you/buy from you is all that is needed – why not give it a go?

If you need to top up your sales funnel and generate enquiries, why not let us help you?

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