It’s still true today, even in a more digital world; people buy from people.

Building relationships with customers/prospects is about understanding what matters to your customer and communicating the value and benefit that you can bring to them. It is about adding a human element to the conversations and proving that you know your customers’ needs, know the best way to engage with them, know what you can deliver that can address their needs, and ultimately, solve their business problems.

In marketing, engaging and impactful communication with leads and prospects is paramount. Whether it be by email, a phone call, or in person, it’s important to maintain “the human touch”.

However, it’s not a quick or easy win – did you know that there’s a whole process to go through before someone transacts with you?

The Process; Know, Like and Trust.

First, your prospects and leads have to get to know you. Many of our clients make the mistake of being too corporate in their business communications. Of course, you should always remain professional but letting people see the ‘real’ side to you; your hobbies, how you feel about work, why you established your business etc, will help them to make a more meaningful connection with you and understand what your business is truly about.

Try to connect with your customers here. We at Fill the Gap, for example, know that our clients struggle to find the time to ‘do’ their marketing consistently and effectively, which is why they seek us out to strategise and undertake their marketing on their behalf. So, our communications are regularly around time constraints and ways we can support our clients, such as automation, full social media management etc. Showing your prospects that you understand their struggles and have a solution for them is a sure-fire way to get their attention.

Once people know you, the aim is for them to like you; who doesn’t want to be liked? There’s not much you can do about this one, no one is liked by all; keep communications light and don’t fake it to make it. Just be you at this stage. You can help yourself slightly – staying fairly neutral in areas that can become quite heated and opinionated, such as politics, for example, is always something to consider. What can be debated amongst friends may not be suitable for your corporate social media communications so try to keep a balance here.

Now your customers and prospects like you, you need them to trust you. Adding the human touch into your messaging enables a true relationship and trust to be developed, which can go a long way in sales and marketing.

This is why you can’t fake it – you’ll get caught out at some point. These relationships are for the long term!

Now they have got to know you, like you and trust you, your prospects are in a position to buy from you and ideally repeat buy from you and even better; refer you to friends and other businesses. Get this process right and you will reap the rewards of strong business relationships for years to come.

Would you like help with implementing the process into your communication strategy? If so, why not book a Complimentary Marketing Consultation with us today?

That way you can get to know us, see if you like us and get a feel for whether you can trust us…. See what we did there?

We hope to speak to you soon!