When you manage your own business or accept a senior position in a company, you expect a heavy workload. It comes with the pay rise and/or the freedom to manage your own destiny.

However, did you expect to dedicate what feels like your entire life to your work?

You’ve got a team to manage. A business plan to develop. Financial forecasting to fulfil. Not to mention the 30 meetings you need to prepare for, with the constant ping of Teams and emails to contend with. Oh, and there’s your marketing; you still need to get around to that too.

Are you struggling with your work/life balance?

Do you never get to the end of your to-do list?

Do you have no time to grow your business while managing your current workload?

If you don’t have the time to focus on your marketing, then the team here at Fill the Gap Marketing is here for you!

We’re a friendly, fun and qualified team of marketing professionals with years of marketing experience in the private, charitable and public sectors.

By using us, we save you the hassle and expense of recruiting staff and the overhead costs that this entails. We also offer you a full marketing department, usually for less than the price of one junior member of marketing staff.

You don’t need to train us either. We will need to have a consultation, which you can book below. We will probably need a larger team meeting with you too, once you are onboard. Other than that, we will research you, your market and your competitors.   We will then create your marketing strategy and align it

to your business plan.  We can implement the plan and undertake your marketing on your behalf, regularly reporting on our progress.

What’s more, you can use us when you need us and pause us when you get too busy. Our services are offered on a 30-day contract, so you are only ever one month away from reducing or stopping your marketing spend to suit the financial needs of your business.

It really is that simple.

And it will save YOU time.

You don’t have to manage us.  We manage your marketing. Let’s grow your business together.