If you talk to everyone – no one will listen.

In order to grow your business, attract those all important new clients and ensure current customers remain with you, you need to be very clear on who you are talking to, what problems they have that you can solve and then communicate this consistently and effectively across multi-channels, such as emails and social media.

Content marketing, copywriting, and social media marketing, done right, is the cornerstone of a successful marketing campaign.

To get your messaging right, however, you have to conduct thorough research beforehand; as we’ve said, you need to fully understand your audience for it be heard. But, as long as you put in the leg work, the results can be incredible.

Here are our 7 reasons why streamlining your messaging could pay dividends….

1. Make your offer crystal clear

Consistent, quality content, builds trust and authority and keeps your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

What’s the point in having a fantastic product or service if you can’t communicate why it’s so fabulous? This is where the research comes in and really reinforces your brand. Your content should be benefits driven; what problem do you solve for them?

Here at Fill the Gap, we ultimately save our customers time – time for them to do their job and let us manage their marketing. We’re also a fraction of the cost of a full Marketing Department. Check our website, blogs, social media – it’s not something we keep quiet about!

2. Ensure your website is found.

Part of your research should include looking at what your target audience are searching for online.  Utilise these keywords in your blogs and, over time you will see the benefit in your search engine rankings – SEO.

You don’t have to use the full keyword term in copy all of the time either. Marketing Team on Demand for example is a bit of a mouthful in every other sentence. You can tag pictures in your blog with keywords and use different headings to ensure keywords have more impact ‘behind the scenes’ too.

Don’t forget, we mentioned multi-channel marketing too. If you are posting new images, opening times, services on your website and social media, add it to your Google My Business profile too – this can be a very effective way of increasing traffic to your website.

3. Improve your social media presence

Everyone wants more followers and more engagement but how can you get it if you’re not talking to your audience effectively?

A great content strategy means that you always have something helpful and interesting and relevant to post on social media.  This means that your content is likely to get shared and amplified by comments, so more people are likely to see it.

Be careful, it’s not just about putting posts out on social media. It is equally important to engage with comments, build a rapport with your followers, and in doing so, increase your brand loyalty.

5. Increase conversions

We all have that one successful blog that gets far more hits than others (and sometimes we’re not entirely sure why). We also have those amazing social media superhero moments, when your post or advert does amazingly well, and you bask in the glow of popularity.

But what’s the point in these successes if you don’t keep up the consistency?

Marketing is a long game. It will increase your conversions by not only attracting prospects to listen to you but by also keeping you front of mind with consistent and frequent messaging. Sometimes people just need that extra nudge to purchase or they need to be less busy at work, not on the school run, etc. Frequent messaging will eventually reach your prospect at the right time for them to buy, and that is the end goal

6. Stay relevant and current

Keeping content up to date means that you must continue to research your market and listen to your customers, prospects, and competitors. This kind of knowledge helps you make the right decisions throughout the business.

Also, keep abreast of topical issues and try to piggyback on anything that gains popularity, things like ‘The Euros’ or big news stories (where appropriate) can really help you get attention. Ikea did a great job of this back when Bernie Sanders had ‘that’ photo taken of him – we all saw it….

7. Personality

Although we are suggesting that you streamline your communications, don’t forget to still inject a little bit of the personality in your marketing messaging- consider the tone of voice you adopt and the style in which you write.  People buy from people after all, so a little bit of personality is a good thing.

There’s a whole process to go through before someone transacts with you.

First, your prospects and leads have to get to know you. Many of our clients make the mistake of being too corporate in their business communications. Of course, you should always remain professional but letting people see the ‘real’ side to you; your hobbies, how you feel about work, why you established your business, etc, will help them to make a more meaningful connection with you and understand what your business is truly about.

If you can make that connection, then your prospect will get to know you and hopefully, like you. Once they like you, they’ll begin to trust you, and then voila – they will buy from you.

We’d love to help you streamline your marketing communications – if you need any advice or someone to write your blogs, emails, social media, website, and so on, please do get in touch.