Facebook Groups are a fantastic way to develop digital marketing leads. Although they are a long-game – over time, they can work wonders to expand your reach and generate sales. The key, as usual, is to lead the pack with value and authenticity.

Open to all 1.9 billion Facebook users; a group can concentrate on engaging a specific and private community. This niche group increases the opportunities for cultivating trust within your audience, which ultimately points to repeat sales and more leads.

Moreover, within your private group of like minded folks, is the perfect place to ask for feedback on your product or service. Safe within the walls of a friendly audience who appreciate what you do already – you are adequately sheltered from backlash, and as we all know, positive reviews are the social proof your business needs to generate more sales.

Facebook groups cultivate a sense of community.

A Facebook Group offers privacy and exclusivity – it cultivates a space for personal interaction like no other platform and allows for genuine personal engagement.

Facebook even allows you to set your group to “Secret” to keep it private from the outside world. This privacy mode creates a real ‘A-list’ vibe and will enable you to offer select-cut content to your audience, and therefore build a stronger community from within.

Facebook Groups allow greater control.

Managing a Facebook Group gives you significant control. You manage the group members and have the final word on what they are allowed to do. For example; If you notice a new member spamming the group with sales posts, they’re missing the point, and you are well within your rights you have to remove them. The idea of the group is to inspire conversation and engagement; join the party, or you know where the door is! Moreover, if you want to cultivate a group of experts – you could create a list of entry requirements.

Facebook Groups = high value.

The appeal of Facebook Groups is that they provide more opportunity to get up close and personal, more so than public Facebook Pages. This close-knit and genuine community offers fantastic value to its users, allowing for instantaneous support and help from a network of like minded people.

A focused group, based on a niche, should be chock full of useful discussions, lessons and links to valuable resources. When executed well, its users will be setting notifications to alert them when any juicy new content has landed.

Live videos in Groups are an engagement goldmine.

Boost your engagement with live videos! From hosting ‘ask me anything’ Q&A’s to cook alongs, to tutorials and behind the scenes adventures with your business; Facebook Live videos garner 10X more comments than ordinary videos! Plus, they require less planning, therefore incur fewer costs!

Watch Party – for connectivity and engagement.

Watch Party is a brilliant Facebook feature – it allows people to watch videos on Facebook as a group in real-time. Once a Watch Party begins, members can observe videos, recorded or live, and communicate with one another around them in the same moment.

Because your group members may have missed your LIVE videos, this is a perfect opportunity to re-engage with them. By attending yourself, it offers a simple way to connect with your audience while offering value and ideas. And giving your time and expertise away for free builds a trusting audience who will be more likely to invest in you and your product.

In conclusion.

The key to lead generation in a Facebook Group is to build a tight community where the members feel a connection and not only trust the Admin team but LIKE them too. When used adjacent to your other digital marketing tools -SEO rich blogs, landing pages and email campaigns – there are significant gains to be found!

If you would like some help setting up a Facebook Group then get in touch with Fill the Gap Marketing today, we already help so many of our clients to create effective, lead generating relationships on Facebook.