With Christmas quickly approaching, many of our clients are starting to think about Christmas marketing campaigns – this includes offers and communications around Black Friday, which falls on 27th  November 2020 and Cyber Monday on the 30th November.

For many businesses, ‘tis the season to sell after all.

So how merry can you actually get with your email marketing? How much joy is too much?

Okay, we’ll stop with the Christmas based puns and get back to the matter at hand. We’re talking, of course, about email subject lines, email content and, more importantly, how to get you noticed at one of the busiest times of year.

So, when should you launch your Christmas marketing campaigns? We hear you, it’s not even been Halloween yet, however time flies by.  Planning should be happening now.

With that in mind, let’s talk about what you need to consider, to get you noticed this Christmas…

Personalise it

People love it when things get personalised. Think about it: which of these emails are you going to open? (Pretend your name is John)

a) ‘John, here are some great offers for you’

b) ‘Here are some great offers’

Your prospects will feel like you’re talking directly to them, rather than them thinking of you as just a ‘robot’ who wants their money. Most email marketing systems offer you an option to personalise your email subject line – give it a try.

Create excitement

Consumers love a good deal and especially around Christmas, people’s inboxes will be overflowing with ‘special offers’ and the ‘latest events’. A clever and thought-provoking email will make you stand out in a busy inbox.

We recommend using ‘build-up’ emails to a special offer to get people interested and increasing the chance of someone opening your email and going to your website.

Do some testing and play around

Christmas is generally a time full of holiday cheer. Take advantage of these positive feelings by making your subject lines a bit quirky. If you’re a bit worried that the email subject line isn’t going to get the response you want, try some A/B testing (when you send the same email with 2 different subject lines to two groups) and see what gets a higher response rate.

Once you have found your winning subject line – adopt that language for future emails and keep the momentum going.

Keep it real

Emails are the perfect conduit to deliver an authentic message to your customers and prospects. After an age of in-your-face advertising excess, and paid post saturation; customers – people – desire something a little more sincere.

Email marketing is no longer a one-size-fits-all affair. The focus is on placing the client first and remembering the real-life person at the end of the email.

Psychology has proven that as a race, we’re all a little narcissistic. We’re more comfortable talking about ourselves than others – so today’s marketing must focus on making the customer feel ‘seen’ and understood.

Segment your audience or ‘tag’ them so you can tweak emails slightly to refer to why they originally joined your newsletter – was it a special offer you can offer again? Maybe they used you for one particular service – could you therefore target this segment with the option of a similar service or offer on a repeat order?

Keep it short and sweet

Less is more when it comes to subject lines. Try to keep it fun with an emoji too (there’s always an allowance to use a Christmas tree or bells at this time of year).

As a general rule:

  • Use a total of 50 characters or fewer
  • Don’t repeat anything from the sender field
  • Absolutely no typos or spelling mistakes
  • Don’t be too salesy or spammy

If you need any help with your email marketing campaigns this Christmas, then why not get in touch with us? Yule be happy you did!

Contact Us today and find out how we can help you stand out over the festive season.