15 tips to get your company growing again

Over the past few months we have been sharing lots of useful advice over in our Facebook group, called ‘How to Grow My Business’ about how to market your business during the Corona Virus.  As the situation is gradually easing, if you haven’t been doing any marketing it is, in my opinion, essential that you start to make yourself visible, so please find below a digest of some of the key tips we have shared over the period of the lockdown so far . . there are many more over in the group – so I do recommend that you join – it’s just a couple of clicks away and you can ask any questions you may have in that group too.

And can I just say, check out the images – I made them myself!  Hand-drawn on my iPad – the things you can turn your hand to when you have to!

I must just point out as well – lots of these things are great marketing advice at any time.  I have tried to keep to low cost ones as I know many people have tight budgets at the moment.  All of them you should be able to do yourself – but drop us a line if you need some help.

Corona marketing advice #1    Plan plan plan.  Do your marketing thinking. Even if your premises hasn’t opened yet or is unable to trade – use this time to plan.  The money will start flowing again and you need to be ready.  Hopefully you have been doing that over the last few months – if not – start now.Corona Advice



Corona marketing advice #2 Stay visibleCorona Advice

You need to make sure that your message is sensitive and relevant – but you MUST, in my opinion stay visible so that your customers and prospects don’t forget you. Blatant sales messages may not be appropriate right now, so think about how you can stay visible in a different way.  How can you help? What can you do to get people’s attention in a good way?

Corona marketing advice #3 Fill your pipeline

Covid19I guess ‘pipeline’ is quite a business-to-business (B2B) term – but it applies to business-to-consumer (B2C) too.  Basically by this I mean how can you get people interested now, ready to buy when they are able to.  Can you capture email addresses, book appointments over Zoom, send out trial samples in the post, grow a Facebook community?

Corona marketing advice #4 Keep in touch with your existing customers and prospects.B2B

Whether your existing customers can buy from you or not at the moment (and this is probably even more important if they can’t) – stay in touch.  If you are B2B with a finite list and you are able – send a personal email asking how they are.  Don’t sell.  Just touch bases.  Same for people in your pipeline.  Show you care.  During this crisis I think we have all realised how much we need each other.  Relationships count

Corona marketing advice #5  Solve your customers’ problems

Corona AdviceUnderstanding your customers is always an absolute marketing essential. Right now it is likely that their problems are magnified. Use this time to understand what problems your customers have and how you can help to solve them


Corona marketing advice #6  Pause

corona adviceOne of the opportunities amongst the awfulness of the current situation is the opportunity to PAUSE, to take stock and to see yourself and your business at a crossroads. Are you going to where you want to be, or is now the time to make a change?

Corona marketing advice #7 Regular communication

lighthouseIt’s really important to stay visible regularly, particularly if your product or service isn’t an impulse purchase. Email marketing is one way to achieve this. Regularly showing up in people’s inboxes, staying front of mind for when they might be ready to make a purchase (I call it the light house effect as they notice you at regular intervals).

Corona marketing advice #8 Help someone

cartoon man This is such a lovely way to grow your business. . . by helping others. Human nature means that if you have helped someone ,they will want to help you. Bear that in mind of course, but ultimately, just think about who you can genuinely help. Who can you introduce someone to? Can you send them a useful article? Tell them about a networking event or supplier

Corona marketing advice #9 Carry out a customer survey

Every great business has its customers at its heart. The better you can serve your customers – profitably – the more successful you will be. How you do know, really KNOW what your customers want, why they buy from you (why they don’t), what their favourite social media channel is, whatbenefits they seek? . . There is so much to learn, and so very much to gain – for them . . and for you. Try www.surveymonkey.com which is a free tool, or if you want some help, get in touch with us here at FTG.

Corona marketing advice #10 Are you talking to me?

target boardTargeting your marketing is another major key to your success. It’s so important, we built it into our logo. Knowing exactly who you want to talk to – in terms of customer type, group, user, demographics, business type etc is essential. If you try and talk to everyone, you end up talking to NO ONE, so be clear on who you are targeting. If you’re not sure, you can download the Fill the Gap Marketing Academy via our website – which walks you through the entire marketing planning process, including identifying your target market, for just £120 + VAT.

Corona marketing advice #11 Offer a Guarantee

People are more likely to buy from you if there is no risk. Have you considered offering a guarantee? It gives people peace of mind and statistics show that people hardly ever claim on them. If you are confident that you have a great business, I would highly recommend offering a guarantee. Here at FTG customer attraction is guaranteed!

Corona marketing advice #12 Delight your customers

Another wonderful way to grow your business is by looking after your existing customers REALLY well. DELIGHT THEM. Make them advocates. Get them talking about you. Recommending you. Let them know how valued they are. Don’t forget them in your communications. Your existing customers are VIPs.

apple treeCorona marketing advice #13 Easy-wins

In tough times, (or any time really), it makes sense to follow the path of least resistance. Where can you most easily win new business from? Do you have a product or service that you could sell as a ‘loss-leader’ (ie cheaply but use it to attract a higher sale later), could you cross-sell or up-sell to existing customers? What about lapsed or previous customers – these should be easier to sell to than finding brand new ones? What represents low hanging fruit for your business? Have you included them in your marketing strategy?

Corona marketing advice #14 Pricing

Marketing is made up of the 7P’s . . one of these P’s is PRICE. This is so much more than just how much something costs. I don’t suggest you slash your prices at the moment, that could give completely the wrong message, however how about a payment plan?  This could be a huge benefit to some people and could be the difference between making the sale or not.  Just keep your eye on your cash flow.

Corona Marketing advice #15 Google My Business

corona virusIf you have a website and are selling to a local audience and you are not utilising Google My Business you are missing a trick.  There are still lots of companies who are not maximising it.  It is free, relatively easy and hugely helps your Google ranking.

Corona marketing advice #Bonus

Social media tips

Don’t sell, sell, sell.  Imagine you are at a cocktail pacorona virusrty.  Don’t just talk about yourself, join in the conversations your customers are having.  Talk about what they are talking about.

On LinkedIn – connect with people strategically.  Who do you want to do business with?  Connect with them. Share some useful advice. Ask if they’d like a chat.  Spend time doing this each week and see your pipeline grow

I will finish with this cheeky hack – if you have got some time on your hands during lock-down give this a go.  See what content works best for your audience.corona virus

We regularly share hints and tips in our How to Grow my Business Facebook group – please do join us over there and ask any questions you may have, or download the Fill the Gap Marketing Academy (£120+ VAT) over on our website, which will help you to put a marketing plan in place for your business.

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Wishing you every success

Joanne Wilson

Managing Director and Chartered Marketer