You’d be surprised to learn that online networking tactics don’t differ too much to in-person efforts; both simply require your time and presence. Although desperately clinging onto the way things used to be – we’re slowly adjusting to the reality that face-to-face contact in a COVID world, will need to be limited to keep us all safe.

However, social distancing doesn’t mean the death of networking; It just means we all need to get a bit more creative! Plus, it’s always good to remember that through digital networking, distance is eliminated, and everyone is but a stone’s throw away! Plus – you can do it in your pyjamas!

In this week’s blog, we share six super digital networking tactics.

1. Make yourself available

The first rule of Networking Club is; don’t forget to set your profile as public – you need to be searchable. The second rule of Networking Club is; don’t forget to set your profile as public – you need to be searchable. You get the gist! This tip may seem like a no brainer, but believe it or not, we’ve come across more private accounts wondering why no-one’s reaching out than you’d imagine!

2. Nurture your existing relationships

Networking isn’t all about finding new work and career pushing. Now is the perfect time to contact your current and previous customers. In what has been a highly stressful time for many – a simple phone call or email will go a long way. Reconnecting with people you already know – and seeing if there’s any way you can be of assistance, can forge stronger working relationships, which will last many years to come.

3. Make a list

Everyone loves a list! It’s motivating and idea-sparking to see a list form before your eyes, and once you get started, the ideas and connections begin to flow! Start by creating a table of people – former co-workers, friends of friends, old uni buddies, ex-bosses – basically anyone you want in your virtual networking plan. And remember, be patient – some details will take time to track down, some people won’t respond instantly, and some may not eventuate in anything at all!

4. Take the time

Set yourself half an hour or so a day for networking. The old saying ‘you reap what you sow’ speaks volumes in this situation. Set a timer and go for glory! If you’re aiming to pump up the work connections; hit up LinkedIn;

  • Have a scroll through the home feed and note whatever is trending – share something that resonates -talk about it!
  • Sniff out new, exciting and inspiring companies to follow
  • Check the notifications and wish people a happy birthday or work anniversary.
  • Get stuck in and join in conversations related to your area of expertise.
  • Keep your eyes peeled for people you may know, or have people in common with, but haven’t connected with yet.

If you’re looking to connect on a personal level; spend your time cruising the Facebook feed!

5. Join some groups

Joining an online group is a great way to grow your network. Through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Meetup, you have access to multiple groups in a myriad of topics. Aside from being fantastic places to connect with like-minded folks; groups are brilliant for keeping a finger on the pulse of your industry news; they’re also great for fresh inspiration and new viewpoints.

6. In it to win it

Just like in the real world; you’ve got to be present and actively involved in people’s lives to be part of the conversation. You can’t just add a few people and expect to grow a thriving network. Get stuck in! Don’t be so afraid of saying the wrong thing that you remain forever silent. Cultivating meaningful relationships isn’t an overnight win; they take time and patience and genuine interest. Simply staying in front of people by checking in and commenting on posts means that when the time is right, and you’re ready to start the conversation, it won’t be a cold call.

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