Did you know…?

There are 5 billion searches every day on Google.

50% of those searches are something to do with being local e.g ‘Near me’ or ‘Bingham’.

If you are looking to sell to people in the vicinity of your business – then Google My Business is a great opportunity for you. And not many companies are taking full advantage of it yet, so get ahead of your competition. Here’s what you need to know.

Google My Business is a free tool that increases your visibility in the search engine.

1. Add in all of your information and a description about your business. Add in your address, telephone, opening hours, website URL and any appointment links you may have.

2. Add photos and videos – have a cover photo and your logo on there and use keywords to name them. People love to see people, so have images of your team on there, whether
it’s head shots of them or pictures of them working. Videos are very on trend so upload videos about your business, it could be a tour of your office or you giving advice
about something you sell. You can also upload a street view of your business.

3. Q&A –This is a great way to use this section as a knowledge centre. You can ask the questions yourself and answer them – this will help your customers find the answers very
quickly. (This has been removed at the moment)

4. Google Posts –These posts can consist of offers you may have on, COVID19 updates, events you have got planned and any latest info you want to share. These posts can all have a
clear Call to Action, whether that’s going to your website and finding out more info or a button that puts them straight in touch with you. You can have up to 10 live posts
that last 7 days. Use this section as if it was a social media platform. Keep it up to date!

5. Reviews – try and aim for 10 reviews for each year you have been open for e.g. open since 2015 then aim for 50 reviews! To get reviews from your customers you just need to ask
them! We can send you a template that you can use to send to customers to encourage them to leave you a review. Make sure that you don’t ask all your clients/customers for a
review at the same time because if they all leave a review at the same time, Google may think is spam and take them down. ‘97% consumers read reviews before a making

6a. Messages – not everyone gets this as you have to be very active on GMB. After a few weeks you should be able to download the app to either your phone or tablet and be able to
reply to messages from customers.

6b. Bookings – You can insert a link on to the page where your customers can easily book an appointment with you. This could be to book a free consultation.

7. Insights – This will show you what queries are used to find your business, how customers search for your business whether it’s direct, discovery or branded. It can also show
you where your customers view your business either on search engine or Maps. You can also see customers action, if they visit your website, request directions or call you.
This needs to be checked regularly to ensure that it’s all running smoothly and see if you need to make any changes to improve your performance. It can also show you how well
your photos are doing compared to your competitors.

If you need any help with your GMB profile, please do get in touch and one of our specialists can help you.


By Erin Lawlor