Since Fill the Gap Marketing began (more than 10 years ago), content marketing has been a key part of our services and it continues to be the cornerstone of many of our customers’ marketing strategies today.  It’s just so darn good!  It’s a multi-talented marketing tool and one we would recommend you at least consider for your business.

Word of warning: Content marketing works incredibly well so long as you have done your homework beforehand.  It is essential that you fully understand your audience and do your research.  Then we recommend you create and execute a documented content strategy. It is important that remain are persistent and consistent throughout this process.

Believe us though, content marketing is so worth the effort. The benefits of a content marketing strategy include:

1. Better brand recognition

Consistent, quality content, builds trust and authority and keeps your brand at the forefront of your audience’s mind.

2. Increased search engine traffic

Part of your research should include looking at what your target audience are searching for online.  Utilise these long tail key words in your blogs and over time you will see the benefit in your search engine rankings.

3. Enhanced social media

A great content strategy means that you always have something helpful and interesting and relevant to post on social media.  This means that your content is likely to get shared and amplified, so more people are likely to see it.

4. Build credibility and authority

A well-produced content strategy ensures that you look like the expert you actually are.  It demonstrates that you are up to date with the thinking within your sector. It will set you apart from any of your competitors who are not sharing their knowledge so freely. For me this is where a content strategy really earns its keep – you are educating, entertaining and establishing expertise AND raising awareness – all at once!

5. Increase in conversions

Quite often a blog will reach your prospective customer when they are at the research stage of their buying journey.  If your blog answers a specific question they have, they are more likely to convert from researcher to buyer.

TIP: Ensure you have a blog that answers any questions or objections you think your customers and prospects may have.  What do they regularly ask?  If you don’t know your market well enough to answer this question – do some research.

6. Helps keep you relevant and current

Keeping a blog up to date means that you must continue to research your market and listen to your customers, prospects and competitors. This kind of knowledge helps you make the right decisions throughout the business.

7. Personality

You can demonstrate a little bit of the personality of your business in your blog in the tone of voice you adopt and the style in which you write.  People buy from people after all, so a little bit of personality is a good thing.

8. Video

Video is huge right now and video can play an important part in your content strategy – you may wish to share information on that platform as well as through blogs. We recommend that you build this into your documented plan.

9. Cost effective marketing solution

Blogs are easy to share, easy to repurpose (for example for social media or an email marketing campaign) and their benefits, as we have seen here, are so wide. They really are an incredibly cost-effective marketing solution.  They can be a long-lasting traffic driver too and should be viewed as an investment in your business.

We’d love to help you with your content marketing – if you need any advice or someone to write your blogs for you, please do get in touch.

Tia Saunders Tia Saunders, Marketing Manager