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That’s what we are focussing on here at Fill the Gap Marketing. Of course, we are having our share of bad days like anyone else at the moment, but this positive perspective of Covid-19 is what is generally keeping us going during this crazy and scary time.


We started the year incredibly excited; it is our tenth anniversary year after all. We were busy planning ways in which we would celebrate this hard-earned milestone. Celebration, seems entirely inappropriate now, so it’s something we will bench for when a better time returns, and we fully believe it will.


One thing we can wholly celebrate however is people and businesses coming together during this unprecedented time. It’s happening everywhere and it is inspiring to see. We’re not deluded, we know people have hoarded toilet roll without a care for anyone else, businesses have watched on smugly as their competition pool shrinks ever smaller, but on the whole, there has been some amazing acts of compassion and community spirit.


This blog isn’t marketing related at all by the way, it’s just ten things that make us smile, that we want to share. We hope it leaves a smile on your face too….


  1. We’re mostly working mums here at FTG, balancing our work alongside home schooling and achieving questionable Ofsted grades at best. Our children are however blessed to attend local schools that have amazingly dedicated and caring teaching staff (and we know this is reflected throughout the UK). From emails of support to funny staff videos to make the kids smile, schools have turned around a completely new way of working in such a short space of time and they are doing it with so much compassion for our children and the varied situations happening in their pupils’ homes. Check out this one local headteacher who is going above and beyond, just for a smile, https://bbc.in/35cYaDh.


Teachers, we take our hats off to you. Thank you for your commitment.


  1. The nations favourite P.E. Teacher, Mr Joe Wicks. Now, Joe has been a hot topic of ours during many Microsoft Team Meetings recently. We’re all trying to do his sessions. We can’t quite think what’s motivating us to stick with it and watch him on a daily basis…. On a serious note though, Joe has done this for all the right reasons. He is bringing families together in their living rooms every weekday, setting challenges, dressing up, giving shout-outs across the globe, which brings people together in such a powerful way. The best thing about this? It’s clear to see he’s a good guy, that he cares and is doing this for all the right reasons. As a result, his career has skyrocketed and rightfully so. Good for you Joe, you’re a marketer’s dream right now!


  1. Restaurants and food companies who have turned their hand to providing meals for the vulnerable. We know there’s loads out there and we can’t name them all by any means but two amazing examples of small businesses putting others before themselves right now are Tom Brown’s Brasserie in Gunthorpe and the Salted Orange Food Company in Lincoln and Notts. The latter have been delivering 3 meals a day, on a weekly basis, all pre-packaged and homecooked to the over 65’s in Lincoln for a minimal cost https://bit.ly/3aM9vLH. Tom Brown’s has similarly made meals for headteachers to deliver to families from their schools, who they know need extra support. The local church has also distributed their meals to families in need and many meals have been delivered to the elderly and vulnerable in Gunthorpe and surrounding areas.


For any small business putting the needs of others less fortunate during this time before their own – we certainly won’t forget what you have done and will ensure our money is spent with you in reciprocated support once we are able to visit again. We hope others follow suit.


  1. In a similar fashion, local companies have cleverly and rapidly turned their services around to offer local deliveries of their products – the most popular of these are in the food and drink industry. Of course, the businesses in question are doing this to diversify and continue to trade during social distancing. The response to these businesses however is one of true community spirit. More and more often now we are seeing people turn to their local butcher, grocer, farm shop for goods, all in a bid to keep local, mainly family-run businesses trading and we are loving watching this happen. Long may it continue.


  1. Red and Yellow and Pink and Green….. How could we make any kind of happy list and miss off the amazing rainbows that children and grown-ups alike have so artistically crafted to brighten up our daily exercise expeditions and car trips to collect our food shopping. The significance of these rainbows is actually huge – we have no reason to put them in our windows other than to make someone smile and feel a little happier. If this isn’t a sign of a positive change in society than we don’t know what is. Check out this guy’s house in Lincoln, it reached some of the people we want to thank the most earlier this month https://bit.ly/2KLCSDj.


  1. While we saw the New Year in excitedly in anticipation for our tenth year, a very special gentleman was looking towards celebrating his 100th year on the Earth. An inspiration to everyone and now quite rightfully a recipient of the Pride of Britain Award, Captain Tom Moore, you encapsulate everything that is good in this world. Not only have you brought together a nation, you have captured our hearts and reminded us that something completely amazing can come from small acts of kindness and generosity. Happy birthday to the nation’s hero, thank you for inspiring us when we needed it the most.


  1. We’ve talked about supporting small businesses but what is great to see is the support and appreciation for keyworkers as a whole. The postmen and women, bin collectors, delivery drivers, supermarket workers, care workers, the list goes on and on. All of these people working hard to ensure everyone else gets their food, their supplies, their post, have their rubbish taken away. These people are putting themselves at risk….. for us. They say money makes the world go around – maybe we need to rethink our way of living and the imbalance it brings because right now, these people are playing a huge part in keeping our world’s going. We should never forget that.


  1. We’ve already mentioned community spirit and you can currently find it in droves on social media and in local news articles. There are so many community groups being formed and individuals rallying together for the greater good, it’s happening everywhere and it’s incredible to see and be part of. So many people are putting their skills to such amazing use. With a lack of PPE equipment in the UK, individuals are using their 3D printers to make protective masks https://bbc.in/2y2wipk. There’s also the talented sewers amongst us making headbands for nurses all over the country and scrubs are being created to try to plug the shortfall currently available in the healthcare sector (great work, Uni of Lincoln https://bit.ly/2VKUnde.) The point here is, people are doing this in their own time, generally at an expense to themselves – seriously, we need to work so hard to keep up this amazing gesture of working for the greater good, providing for those who need it the most. What a world that will be for future generations to inherit.


  1. Love thy neighbour or in many cases actually speak to your neighbour for the very first time. It’s embarrassing really how busy we generally are, how focussed we are on our own little bubbles and how little we typically reach out to others. From offering to pick up essentials for those who cannot get out, to enjoying a cup of tea with a lonely neighbour whilst sat in your own front gardens, people are starting to open their eyes to who is around them. We notice when people haven’t gone on their walks and check on them, we see our elderly neighbour hasn’t put their bin out and we do it for them and make sure they’re ok while we’re at it. There are some really heart-warming stories of neighbours coming together and, unbelievably, I find myself quoting the Daily Mail when I say what a true show of ‘Britain’s Unbreakable Spirit’ it all is http://dailym.ai/3bJgBln.


  1. And of course, we have saved the very best until last. Yes, we know they are classed as keyworkers but they definitely warrant a shout out of their own. We cannot send enough virtual claps to the NHS. Our underfunded and under resourced National Health Service has been the nations true superhero during the Covid-19 pandemic. To fight an unknown enemy with such bravery and witness what many of us cannot even imagine is incredibly humbling. Thank you to every doctor, nurse, cleaner, porter, mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son who risks their life on a daily basis to save others. All we can do is clap right now, to show our appreciation. Every Thursday the noise and the emotion that accompanies our claps is overwhelming. May none of us ever forget the importance of preserving the most deserving national treasure that we have.