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I hope you and yours are all keeping as well and coping as best you can in the extreme circumstances we now find ourselves. 

If like me, the shock is starting to wear off, you have been working from home for a little while now, and the realisation that this new situation is indeed our new reality for the time being . . . hopefully your panic is subsiding and perhaps you are wondering what to do next. 

It is a tricky time and of course it won’t be the same for every industry . . but I wanted to share my thoughts with you about how to stay calm and ensure that your business comes out the other end of this in the best shape possible.  

There is a huge opportunity you can take advantage of 

So – a lot of people will be hunkering down and reducing their marketing spend or ceasing it altogether.  They will become invisible.  In my opinion, this is a mistake.  However this is an opportunity you can exploit.  Not in a bad way, just by doing your own thing really well.  By staying visible.  More on that in a moment. 

The pause button has been pressed, but we will be playing again soon 

This situation is temporary.  God willing we will come out the other side, the money will start to flow again.  When that happens you want it to start flowing in the direction of your business.  So you need to come out of this ‘pause’ this period of ‘hibernation’ stronger, smarter, more polished and in a better position to help your customers than ever before.   

This time is AWFUL.  I am not making light of that.  It is tough for everyone.  Costs need to be cut, sacrifices made.  But like everything in life . . . how you feel about a situation is a choice – your choice – I encourage you to choose to see this as an opportunity . . . an opportunity to come out the other side prepared, stronger and in the best shape possible . .  perhaps at a time when your competitors are still drying their tears and considering their ill fortune.  This could be your time. 

How can you help your customers and prospects?

So . . . keep your marketing going.  You don’t need to spend a lot if you haven’t got a lot.  There are many, many ‘no cost’ and ‘low cost’ things you can do to ensure you are as ‘smart’ as you can be (in knowledge and appearance) ready for the day Boris presses ‘play’ and we are set free once again. People are behind their computers. Stuck at home. Bored. How can you help them? How can you entertain them? How can you stay visible in a useful way?

So, you are in hibernation, on pause, what can you do to get ready for takeoff on the day we are released?

As a business owner of a marketing company I want to do all that I can to support fellow businesses so I am offering some things for free, and others at a low cost.  I am sign-posting you to lots of low and no cost marketing articles we have written over the years that you might find helpful.  I’ve mentioned a few more robust things we can help you with, if you have put some money aside and you do want so use this time to really invest in some thorough marketing planning. 

Whatever your budget, please, use this time wisely.  Stay visible.  Plan. Grow. 

  1. Facebook Group : free offering to support people during the crisis.   
  • Join our facebook group – How to grow my business.  Lots of useful information will be posted in there.  Experts will be in there live every day to answer your questions – just post them on the wall. 
  • Within the group we have searchable areas for useful articles – we have curated lots of low cost and no cost ideas for you. 
  • If particularly questions come up regularly I will record a video and put it in the group explaining my thoughts on that particular subject.
  • Anything we can’t help you with, I will call in specialists from our wonderful network of associates and ask them to advise you. 


Our services that we can offer easily for low cost during this period.

  • Know you need to do some marketing but not sure where to start.  Book your complimentary marketing consultation now.  Time and date to suit you.  Your place or mine?  (or in this case both, because it will be digital conferencing).  Totally at our expense and all about you.  Book yours now.  Get ready for launch / lift off.
  • Get social: CUSTOM SOCIAL MEDIA PLAN tailored for your business.  Put yourself out there. £40 + VAT.
  • CUSTOMER SURVEY £250 What a brilliant time to ask your customers to fill in a custom built online survey to help you to learn more about them and what they think of your business.   There are so many benefits to doing this.
  • Content creation builds relationships and trust with potential customersQuality content that gets shared, keeps you visible whilst keeping costs low.  Again great source material for this below.
  • Really, really long sentences that don’t really say very much and don’t have very good punctuation and keep repeating themselves don’t really work very well because they are really really long sentences that don’t really say very much.  Great copywriting gets results.
    From £60.  Click here. Now.
  • Marketing Toolkit from the FTG Marketing Academy – follow the instructions contained in here and get ready to attract those customers.  It’s your customer attraction toolkit. Now just £10 + VAT (reduced from £35 + VAT so that everyone can take advantage of it).
  • Meet your perfect customers.  Just do it for me – option one !!! Want a robust plan writing so that you are already revving on the runway ready to take off when all this is over so you can fly to new heights.  We can do this for you.  Prices start from £1,750 for a researched and professionally written marketing plan entirely custom made for your business.  .  Come on! Get growing! Your competitors are still burying their hands in the sand – you can win the customers of your dreams – act now.


Remember there is lots of free information and advice on our facebook group and you can pose any questions that will  be answered in the group by one of our specialits, or visit our Academy section in our website where there are 100’s of articles for you to browse, or book a 121 marketing consultation. 

Please share and let’s get our businesses in fantastic shape for that wonderful day when we can all go out to play again.

But most of all, I wish you good health and happiness.

Take care and stay home,