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Today, for anyone wanting to grow their business or develop their professional network, with 660 million users, LinkedIn is one of the most significant platforms to do so. Among a myriad of benefits, it places you in front of your targeted audiences, drives traffic to your website and socials, and gets you up close and personal with key decision-makers.

When utilised to its full and glorious potential, it can help elevate your profile among those who can further your business efforts. Yet, unfortunately, many people are unaware of how best to utilise this fantastic platform, resulting in missed opportunities and wasted time.

However, it’s helpful to know, LinkedIn success doesn’t necessarily mean hours and hours of work. Being mindful of how you manage it could mean generating solid leads and securing business v’s squandered time with nothing to show for it. This platform is a literal OCEAN of potential – all you need to do is put on your armbands and dive right in!  

To celebrate ten years of Fill the Gap Marketing awesomeness, here are ten simple ways to maximise your profile;  

1. Be the master of keywords

Be sure to add ALL of your skills to your profile. Just one new relevant string to your bow could open an entirely new group of prospects. 

Also, use relevant hashtags and keywords in your profile – particularly words related to the jobs and clients you want to attract. A profile peppered with keywords that match the job description is more likely to catch the eye of potential clients.

2. Stay regular

LinkedIn’s algorithm rewards those who post often. Aim to for at least two posts every week, but if you’re feeling motivated – go one a day! Make it a routine – building your presence takes time, consistency and commitment.

3. Keep updated

A neglected profile can give the impression that you are inactive and not worth the interaction. Don’t be ‘that guy’. If you’ve recently mastered a new skill, gained a new accomplishment or started a new position, add them to your profile. Shout about your accolades – you earned them! People search based on relevant criteria, so outdated information means less visibility in search results. 

4. Use a high-quality headshot

It doesn’t need to be stern and severe – but as LinkedIn is a professional platform; your photo should reflect professionalism. Use a high-res image, and remember – according to LinkedIn, a good profile photo raises views by 21 times and provides nine times more connection requests – so put a little effort into it!

5. Sharing is caring

Have you enjoyed a particularly great experience with a business, or seen a great story that you want to share? Shout about it and be sure to add the author’s name. This act of recognition and sharing not only provides them with credit, but it also highlights your connections that shows that you care about your community and want to share with them your newfound and useful information. 

6. Engage with others

An excellent way to strengthen your LinkedIn engagement is through interacting with others and providing them with useful content. Everybody seeks to be heard and appreciated – so asking for advice or feedback can spark discussions and build connections. Liking and commenting on people’s posts will usually generate reciprocation. Seek people’s ideas and be open yourself up to conversation; encouraging people to connect with you.

7. Join a group

Since day dot, joining a group of friends has been the number one way to find ‘your people’, and connect with your ‘tribe’. These same values translate perfectly into the LinkedIn world. If you’re aiming to grow a valuable community of like-minded people and similar businesses, LinkedIn Groups are the place to be.  

As a business, being part of an active LinkedIn Group will no doubt help you connect with your customers. A robust LinkedIn Group offers brands space for their customers and audience to connect; allowing businesses to reach a targeted audience of industry specialists and build authentic relationships with them.

8. Go premium

Take things to the next level and go deluxe! Why not make the most of the premium LinkedIn offers, e.g. Sales Navigator – every LinkedIn member is (very kindly) gifted 30 days free of hot premium action. Utilising this promotion helps you to connect with active users. The capacity to finely hone your searches also comes in handy in terms of connection opportunity and search accuracy.  

9. Strike up a conversation

Greeting a prospective or new connection with a personalised note makes the whole experience 100% more memorable and personable. It shows that you’re genuinely interested in your new link. Even a pre-written message, is better than no word; when you are creating business opportunities, it still sends the message that you’re willing to put in the effort and go the extra mile. A note sent beforehand may increase your chances of them accepting you and also sparks up the conversation. 

10. Keep your location up to date

Updating your location should you move is crucial to honing your search accuracy and productivity. So, when someone searches for “copywriters in Lincolnshire area” you’ll show up. This tip sounds obvious, borderline “are you for real?!” but it’s a surprisingly easily forgotten detail. Not only is this step beneficial for getting hired, but it’s also a brilliant way to garner offline network opportunities.


LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for propelling professionals and businesses to new heights. Utilise it properly, and you‘ll be amazed at how much you can boost performance.  

By regularly updating your information, showcasing your skills and achievements, and using high-quality photo’s, you’ll maximise your profile and elevate it to the next level. Remember to engage with your community, ask for recommendations, and get involved with relevant groups. Set aside time for your LinkedIn maintenance and prepare to reap the rewards.  

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