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Wowee, it only seems like yesterday that we were singing Auld Lang Syne, embracing 2020, and unachievable new years resolutions were the talk of the town! Now Easter is approaching – the nations favourite excuse to scoff kilos of chocolate without judgement – and it’s time to get planning for the next wave of sales opportunities and web traffic.

With almost a week off for Easter holidays, most consumers will be enjoying a relaxing break and with many shops closing around the bank holiday – the opportunity to profit through online sales gets a lovely and sizeable egg-shaped boost. As a business, you want to be ready with open arms and a basket of sweet solutions when they come a’ calling!

Here are our top tips for delivering a golden egg when it comes to your Easter weekend digital marketing strategy.

Preparation is key

A wise man once said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”, good old Benji Franklyn – he knew the score. When commencing any seasonal marketing campaign, planning is essential. Goals and budgets need calculating, plus a clear understanding of your customer’s behaviour must be determined. It’s vital to recognise your customer’s behaviour during these seasons, this way you’ll be aware of which are likely to be the most valuable for your business.

Make it personal

People react with way more positivity if a product or service is bespoke to them. With the addition of real value, the level of impact increases. A campaign which genuinely connects with its audience, on an emotional level, will deliver impressive results.

If you’re going for a big giveaway to raise brand awareness, be sure to make it beautiful and of course, branded. If someone receives a personalised gift that genuinely moves them, and it carries your branding, a powerful association is forged within the moment. It’s science!

A dopamine release in the brain due to happiness (at receiving your gift), melded with strong branding will link a person’s memories to the particular colour, or shape, or the sound of your branding. So, when the person engages with your product again at a later date, depending on the levels of enjoyment created by the event, they should experience another little hit of the happy compound, dopamine! Your product = happiness.

Ride the social media wave!

From Facebook ads to Instagram Influencers, to twitter and beyond – social media remains an excellent way to reach a wide diversity of customers. The way these platforms work best in boosting external advocacy and engagement is by allowing brands to be more personable, humorous, fun and HUMAN. It’s not all about selling products – it’s engaging with customers in a safe space and engaging in a fun activity that’ll leave a lasting impression.

Competitions are a great way to engage with your audience, you may not win any direct sales in the moment, but you’ll definitely boost your following and potentially create a memorable experience. If you’re running a fun Easter contest, be sure to use specific hashtags to monitor interaction and its real-time reach – it could prove eggceedingly useful.

In an eggshell

Easter isn’t all about chocolate bunnies – although chocolate bunnies are pretty great. To cash in on this chocolate-coated holiday, you’ll need an eggstraordinary marketing strategy to get you seen, and one that nudges your customers one step closer to the purchasing process. Good luck, and happy Easter!

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