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So, it turns out that with 2.5 billion email users worldwide, showy technologies aside, email marketing remains one of the most prominent tools for target audience outreach. Since its birth, back in 1971, email has grown beyond any person, at the time, could comprehend. These days the average business user sends and receives 126 emails in a single day!

For delivering your brand message, providing customer support and even acquiring new clients – look no further than your outbox. Hence, while the kids may be raving about memes, tweets and flashy video’s; it’s the good ol’ email that maintains its marketing prowess after all these years.

Keep it real

Emails are the perfect conduit to deliver an authentic message to your customers and prospects. After an age of in-your-face advertising excess, and paid post saturation; customers – and humans in general – desire something a little more sincere.

Email marketing is no longer a one-size-fits-all affair. The focus is on placing the client first and remembering the real-life person at the end of the email.

Psychology has proven that as a race, we’re all a little narcissistic. We’re more comfortable talking about ourselves than others – so today’s marketing must focus on making the customer feel ‘seen’ and understood; which is why something as simple as remembering someone’s name, is an A1 way to persuade people to buy from you.

Optimise for mobile use

From reading emails to making purchase decisions; mobile phones have revolutionised the way people problem-solve and shop on the go. The stats are in: around 79% of mobile users have made an online purchase with their phone in the last six months, and about 61% of all emails are read on mobile devices, so it makes sense to get your website mobile-friendly to the max!

An email which isn’t optimised for mobile use, and provides a poor customer experience, will lose your customers and prospects quicker than you can say “smartphone”; while a well-optimised email – clean and sleek – will increase your email click-through rate.

Be economical with your email drops

So we’ve established that an average office worker receives around 126 emails per day, which is a HECK of a lot. Many of these will end up in the spam corner due to overzealous campaigners – don’t find yourself in the spam box. You’re better than that.

Your loyal followers have willingly divulged the details of their private emails because they believe in your product, they feel that what you have to offer is of value, and they trust you. Don’t shatter that ‘real good thing’ you’ve got going on, by acting like an overly keen lovestruck teenager.

Bombarding your readers with emails not only dilutes your message, but it can have an incredibly repelling impact. Stay connected with a weekly email at most – and ensure what you have to offer is relevant and valuable.

In a nutshell

When executed with precision, planning and forethought; email marketing remains a powerful tool for driving sales. With a shift in human psychology and a drive for more authenticism in a rapidly disconnected world – offering something truly tailored to your customers, on an individual level will keep you a few steps ahead of your competitors. Keep your content relevant, engaging and valuable to your readers, and you’ll keep yourself well out of the spam zone!

If you would like more information about how email marketing can help you, contact the Fill the Gap team on 01522 581 911 or email hello@fillthegapmarketing.co.uk.