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Just like keeping yourself in shape (new year’s resolution alert!), maintaining your search engine optimisation (SEO) requires constant work. You don’t go to the gym for a month straight, pump up your guns and tighten your buns, and then, with no further action, expect to maintain that shape forever – it requires maintenance, tuning, and constant monitoring. The same goes for your SEO.

The purpose of SEO is to have the search engine eyes not only find your beautifully sculpted site but also individually rank the page relevance so that it appears at the higher end of the search engine results. Here are our top three tips for sustaining your SEO to the highest standards;


1.  Flex your web analytics from the get-go

After establishing your SEO goals, you’ll need software to track what’s working and what’s not: test and measure consistently. Analyse web traffic and search engine rankings to ascertain the effectiveness of the programs you’ve implemented. This investigation includes assessing individual keyword performances, also. When you make alterations, keep track of the results on a spreadsheet; this way, you can quickly look back and evaluate your work. Google Analytics and other, private analytics software solutions can assist you in monitoring your progress; think of them as your SEO Fitbit!

2.  Pump up your Keyword analysis

Distinguish a targeted list of key­words and phrases – even learning regularly misspelt search attempts can help. Utilise longer search phrases with greater word counts. In this case, bigger is better; their length makes them more specific and further suited to today’s audience. Due to the advancement of voice assistants like Alexa and Siri, more expanded and conversational sounding phrases are used by prospective customers. An example of this might be “Buy booty enhancing supportive yoga leggings”, rather than “buy leggings”. And, like you secretly fancy your gym instructor, Google finds these long-tail-keywords VERY attractive indeed.

3.  For each page, hone and sculpt unique and relevant meta descriptions

An often forgotten, but genuinely valuable SEO tip is the carefully written meta description. The meta description is the first section of text that users see when Google offers your page to search users. Hone it like a perfectly sculpted set of abs (imagine Brad Pitt in the movie Fight Club). Do not duplicate content from your site to craft your meta description – use original content or Google will PUNISH you by rendering you invisible to your audience.

Make sure your meta descriptions are relevant to each page; for example, your About page, and Services page is very different to one and other, so their meta descriptions should reflect this. When crafting them, imagine precisely the details your customers will be seeking, and make it informative, captivating and concise.

If you would like some help updating your content or making your site SEO friendly, contact the Fill the Gap team on 01522 581 911 or email hello@fillthegapmarketing.co.uk.