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Marketing involves a myriad of processes and exercises – many of which are time-consuming and, at times, even a little mind-numbing. But have you thought much about automating? The vast majority of marketing actions are open to streamlining and automation, after all, why delegate something, when technology can do it for you?

Automation of marketing actions will enhance productivity and team efficiency; leaving you free to get creative and make the most of those human brain cells. For all marketing jobs on your list, you should ask yourself why you do it and how you can scratch it from your to-do-lists, forever!!

1. CRM

Automating activities in CRM systems such as determining call lists, data input and data retrieval, and updating forecasts can save you a serious amount of time. Make your CRM systems smarter by automating data capture activities, customer responses and client follow-ups.

Why not automate your marketing workload plan? Automating it in the CRM software will ensure a smooth campaign launch, with nothing accidentally missed out. Track the campaign progress each step of the way; add an automated project workflow and include all your documents, activities and related emails.

2. Refine and re-design your inbox

Most people spend WAY too much time each day checking their email; which can burn into your time like wildfire. Distracting notifications take you away from your primary focus and break the flow. And most of that time is wasted on inconsequential piffle. Productivity fail!

However, have you ever thought about automating your email? Were you aware that you can streamline your inbox and automate it to notify you of essential and relevant emails ONLY? DO IT!

3. Lead scoring

Obtaining leads and maintaining them can be tiresome, so why not let the machines do it? Do you see a pattern forming here?!

Allow the machines to do lead scoring based on your communications with your prospects to identify new and exciting leads. This move, in turn, will expedite other marketing processes like timely follow-ups, which will result in higher conversion rates.

Leads, like a living breathing entity, require nurturing. Drip emails containing fresh and relevant content, and repurposed older content are required to keep the lead from going cold. These lead nurture campaigns are perfect for automation. Computer systems won’t miss an email drop; and once leads reach their targeted engagement score, the system is programmable to alert the sales teams to take the next steps.


Marketing automation helps streamline ROI measurement, customer retention, nurturing, scoring, lead generation, and what’s more, it makes wasted time a thing of the past.

Creating a database for all marketing data – serving as a central hub for all customer communications – also makes segmentation a walk in the park.

So, while automation can never replace you, it can unquestionably provide some relief from monotonous and tedious tasks and vastly improve your productivity.

If you’d like any assistance with creating your marketing strategy, writing your email campaign or support with automating communications, get in touch with our team at Fill the Gap Marketing, and we’ll be happy to help – 01522 581911.