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Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing has, in recent times, seen a significant increase in attention to memorable customer experience. However, in the world of Business to Business (B2B), customers haven’t necessarily been receiving such love and care. It’s time that B2B brands joined the customer care revolution by focusing on the continuation and nurturing of their client relationships.

Leaving a genuine and lasting impression on a customer, will, in turn, benefit the growth of the business. And when you put it like that, the reasoning for investing in customer experience is clear.

Keep up with the times

Today’s best customer experience won’t be the same in ten years. It’s an ever-evolving and changing bar to meet. And as machine intelligence advances, we’re learning more and more about customer journeys and the real-time suggestions that these journeys can generate.

Shortly, businesses will be responding to their customer’s needs in more agile ways, so leaping ahead of the companies who are giving their customers nonchalant experiences will pay off massively. Utilise technology every step of the way to ensure timely, effective service and hone your customer experience into something that nurtures long-term customer loyalty.

Commit to the task

The first rule of customer experience excellence club is 100% commitment to creating a 100% satisfying and excellent customer experience. It’s best to aim for delight, joy and impact. ‘Substandard’ and ‘lacklustre’ are no longer words in your customer service dictionary.

Make communications personalised, create bespoke and relevant offers, refer to current industry news and legislation – in whichever way you can, make your communications informative and useful to your client at the same time as ‘selling’ your brand. Those that seek to become thought leaders in an area can subtly sell their brand by making content that is sharable, useful, and provides good customer service (yet ultimately promotes your brand).

Fulfil your demands

So you’ve talked the customer service talk, you now need to walk the walk and deliver – this is your follow-through. Understanding your customer needs is vital to customer satisfaction, and these demands go way beyond prices and prompt delivery. Humans (your customers) thrive on genuine and lasting experiences. Make your patrons feel like part of something bigger than a quick sale – ensure they feel valued. A simple way to do this is by listening to their issues and resolving them thoughtfully. Ask for regular feedback and stay in touch to let them know of amendments due to their recommendations.


Use your customer-feedback comments to uncover repeat problems in need of ironing out. Dig deep and understand what your customers are asking. Remember that your patrons are the beating heart of your business, and respecting and rewarding their loyalty, will, in turn, help you to achieve your business goals.

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