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Brand awareness illustrates how familiar your target audience is with your brand and how well they recognise it. Words like ‘trending” denote a brand with high appreciation. However, this kind of recognition doesn’t happen overnight. Powerful brand awareness is a result of many simultaneous efforts that go way beyond the act of attaining customers.

Establishing brand awareness takes time, creativity and intuition. You aim to nestle yourself so comfortably within your audience’s collective psyche that they feel akin to your brand. The brand’s who’ve done this include Hoover, Band-Aid and, of course, Coca Cola. How have they done this? We subconsciously replace common words with branded terms, e.g. “ouch, I cut myself, I need a Band-Aid”, or “I must Hoover the lounge”.

This kind of awareness is pure marketing and promotional GOLD, especially if you can crack it in the early stages of a business. Here are three (of many) ways to establish keen brand awareness;

Be a REAL person, not a SALES person

To leave a genuine and lasting impression with your audience, you’ve got to promote yourself as more than just a salesperson – you need to define yourself as a REAL person; just like your customers. Humans don’t relate to corporations or sales teams; they relate to the positives of a natural person to person interaction. Embody the customer. Be more than just a product.

Socialise with your customers

If you only reach out to connect with others when trying to make a sale, you won’t transcend your business label. To raise brand awareness, you’ve got to get social – and what better time to do this than in the age of social media? Maintain an active voice over your social media platforms. Post about things both relevant and irrelevant to your product or services to engage your customers and interact with your audience by commenting on posts, asking questions, retweeting or sharing content you like and competitions you run. Act like a person, not a business trying to make money. Online sociability accounts for over 50% of brand reputation.

Make sharing easy

Utilise your audiences reach by making your content easy to share. Whatever your industry, product offering, or marketing strategies, valuable content in the form of social media articles, blog posts, videos, sponsored content, or product pages are all sharable – and what’s better than free marketing? Plus, word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way to build trust and awareness among customers. For example, if someone sees that a friend is endorsing a particular brands product or service, they’ll take notice of that brand, and the product.

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