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Today’s digital world grows exponentially, almost alarmingly, some might say! Hard as it is to keep up, every brand’s customer service unit needs to evolve at the same frenetic pace. The consumer demand for instant gratification has meant that customer service response has had to become swift, on an almost supernatural level.

Nowadays, companies AND customers are turning to social media for customer service more than ever. This shift is primarily due to its fantastic convenience. For example, in the days of yesteryear, when wheels were square, and customer service providers sat at desks wearing headsets, patrons could be left waiting for what seemed like hours for a response. And there’s only so much hold music one person can take.

With social media customer service platforms like Facebook or Twitter, clients can message instantaneously, and usually receive a swift reply. For small businesses especially, this is excellent news. Without the need for an entire customer service department, staff can jump on queries and complaints with rapid response rates, thus becoming more efficient on time and money.

Here are four interesting features regarding the shift;

Airing your dirty laundry
While a public complaint, seen by thousands, through social media platforms can seem damaging and counter-intuitive, there’s something to be said for problem-solving with total transparency. When handled correctly, it can be a public relations triumph for your organisation.

By responding openly and justly to a customer’s criticism, interest, or predicament, you demonstrate to other customers that you take such issues seriously. If others witness your prompt response and resolving of a complainant’s concerns, they will see you as a firm that cares about its customers.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, censoring followers due to outspokenness, or negativity, could intensify a small issue, and cause customers to challenge your brand on non-transparency and a fear of negative comments or criticism. Don’t block people due to their negative opinion, aside from being a terrible look, you could learn from their viewpoint.

The temptation to insult your customers
Sitting on the front line of a vicious social media complaint can feel a little like a Medieval public flogging – minus the rotten vegetables. However, it’s imperative to keep your cool and refrain from a reactive response. In this situation, it would be easy to unleash your inner troll and let rip without fear of consequence – after all, sitting behind a computer screen seems like a safe place.

However, saying what you think in this instance, would be a regrettable move indeed. There’s nothing more embarrassing for a company than to (very) publicly lose your cool and professionalism. If you scour the internet, there a myriad of examples to heed. Once it’s out there, there’s no taking it back – withdrawing down the hole that you wish would swallow you up, only looks cowardly to your audience.

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