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In an attempt to refine measurements of organic reach and address the vagueness around the authenticity of Brand Pages, Facebook has rolled out a wave of changes.

At the time of their grand unveiling, in 2007, pages were defined by Facebook’s Founder Zuckerberg as “a completely new way of advertising online.”

And, though they’ve continuously matured with the platform, pages have always represented a unique capacity for brands to converse directly with their customers, whether they used the ad platform or not.

Now, over a decade later, the company is looking to deliver two critical changes to pages that will alter the calculation and reporting process regarding organic impressions.

Reforms to organic paid impressions

These changes in organic page impressions could mark a decline in perceived page and post reach. The rationale behind the move is to align the way it filters repeat organic page impressions, with the methodology it follows for ads.

Matt Navara, a consultant and social media industry analyst, had the following to say;

“We will be updating the time frame for which we filter out repeat organic impressions from the same person. As a result, you may see less organic impressions for your Page and posts,”

In a nutshell, Facebook seeks to lessen the duplicate metrics procured by one individual repeatedly revisiting your Page and posts; this should render an accurate number of people engaging with your content. The result of this may, unfortunately, result in a drop in numbers.

The end of verification badges

Facebook also revealed it would be removing the grey verified badges from Pages. The company is reacting in response to feedback that these checkmarks created more confusion than good. Facebook continues to “work on better ways to show Pages are authentic.”

Ensuring that your Page profile is perfect, including up-to-date information, full contact details and a profile picture will demonstrate the legitimacy of your site while this process continues to unfold.

Regular posting is another practice encouraged by the platform to prove you’re open for business and active on the channel. However, with Facebook “unable to provide any estimates for how this update may affect your page, if at all.”, only time will tell how your stats will fair.

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