Digital marketing – in lightning-speed reaction to a rapidly changing technological world – is evolving before our eyes.

marketing, lettersWith innovative new techniques, consistent updates, and ever-changing algorithms, digital marketers live life in a state of perpetual hyper-awareness.

An almost psychic connection to developing or continuing trends is required – in fact, it’s an essential ability, if you wish to dominate the game.

With 2020 approaching at break-neck speed, here are three of the top marketing trends for a new decade.

1. The rise of Artificial Intelligence

“Artificial Intelligence” refers to androids or machines which possess the ability to operate with amazingly human-like traits.

Siri and Alexa are exceptional examples of this – they’re voice assistants who can answer questions, take orders and carry out behind-the-scenes jobs on behalf of us human beings.

Chatbots are also used frequently on websites to provide helpful answers to frequently asked questions.

2. Visual and interactive content

Today’s consumers expect new and exciting online experiences. Many customers are searching for more prominent interactivity. People desire interactive, visual content to feel engaged, mentally stimulated, and have something to share with friends.

This breed of content is invaluable; it keeps visitors on your page for longer spans of time, it helps build your brand awareness, and people ENJOY it. Simple as.

3. Shoppable posts

Unless they’re living on the wild and rugged plains of outer Mongolia, it’s highly doubtful that you know a single soul devoid of social media.

Social media – given its almighty nature – has become an essential part of online marketing.

Given that 72% of Instagram users have bought a product on the app, this signifies a colossal opportunity for businesses. And Pinterest isn’t far behind! A survey of 4,000 + Pinterest users found that 70% use Pinterest to find new and unique products.

Fortunately for retailers, these social media platforms have made it easy-peasy for them to harness the power – reaching more customers with razor-sharp efficiency. So, whether you’re a Pinterest, Facebook, or Instagrammer – e-commerce stores full of shoppable posts are a wonderfully simple and effective possibility!