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In a world where peoples’ attention spans are shorter than the time it takes to boil a kettle, gaining their focus on the web can be a real struggle.

On average, visitors stay on websites for a mere 15 seconds, and most of them may never again return.

So if it’s this hard to grab their attention for a moment, how do you persuade them to hand over an email address and let you into their life?!

Cue your lead magnet – the star of the show.

What Is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is something you have, that prospective customers deem tantalising enough to swap for their email address and perhaps other sorts of information (phone numbers and names).

A lead magnet is an offer so tempting, alluring and valuable that people will gladly join your mailing list to gain a piece of the action. And if you’re looking to succeed in acquiring customers online, then you’ll need to grow an email list.

What makes a good lead magnet?

You, and your unique product or offer: When your audience utilises your lead magnet, you should aim to leave them feeling convinced that you are an authority in your specialist area and the ONLY person/company with whom they should deal with.

Value: The reason why free newsletter subscriptions don’t work is that no value is recognised. Depending on your market, your lead magnet should be high in actual value, as well as perceived value.

Instant Gratification: Your viewers are continually looking for an immediate solution to their problems. If your lead magnet can meet this demand, your inbox will be ding-dinging in no time!

Why Lead Magnets are so damn effective

Building trust and credibility, as a digital marketer, is one of your primary objectives – but gauging the success of these efforts is hard.
And this is where lead magnets come into play – they’re the perfect nexus for prospective customers who don’t yet know your brand, to grant you their email addresses in return for something they deem valuable. It’s your perfect opportunity to SHINE.