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Ho! Ho! Ho! And all that festive jazz and pizzazz. It may seem premature to be pondering on Christmas when we’ve barely packed away the summer; but in the wonderful world of marketing, Christmas always comes early.

If Christmas is essential to your sales calendar, it’s vital to remember that you need to get planning for maximum impact.

Here are five ideas to help your business glitter and prosper its way through the Christmas season.

1. Countdown timers

What’s better than the magical anticipation surrounding the countdown to Christmas day? A countdown timer to your Christmas sales, that’s what! A countdown timer used across your social channels, site and email marketing can create a frenzied and fantastic sense of urgency. Whatever the event, there’s a countdown timer for it.

2. Gifting

Everybody loves a present and what better way to bestow appreciation upon your client base. This time-honoured show of value, in turn inspires reciprocated loyalty. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Festive goodies such as wine, chocolate and Christmas pudding are tax-free (as long as their total cost doesn’t exceed the threshold). Great news for the thrifty gifter.

Product businesses may think to send free samples to customers who have recently expressed interest. Also, sending loyal customers a small example of a new product is excellent for piquing interest. Carefully chosen influencers or journalists can also help to introduce your product to a whole new audience, if you can persuade them to give your product a go.

3. Chocolate advent calendars

YUM YUM, DOUBLE YUM! Nothing screams Christmas like a traditional advent calendar. There’s no better way to infiltrate the minds of your clients than with a daily hit of delicious chocolate. They won’t be able to wipe you from their blissful, sugar addled brains. Crafty ol’ chocolate; the number one tool used to sweeten someone up since 1868!

4. Festive data capture campaigns

Capturing data is an incredible tool for up to date and future marketing opportunities. Look at Christmas hint emails or find out who customers are buying for this Christmas. Festive offers are an enticing way to attract prospects to provide their contact details, meaning you can then send personalised emails, which are more likely to create a higher conversion rate.

5. ‘Christmas up’ your website

From logos adorned with Santa hats to endlessly falling snowflakes, there’s a myriad of ways to give your site the Christmas spirit.

In a Christmas nutshell

Whether your business sells bobble hats or boozy bath bombs, there’s an abundance of ways to capitalise on the season of goodwill. Get your reindeer antlers cocked and locked, and Santa hats poised – it’s time to embrace the Yuletide.