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When your SEO is supercharged, to Google, your site appears like a neon lighthouse. This, as you would expect, gets you a better search ranking, which in turn increases visits to your website. Follow our top tips to help enhance your search engine optimisation (SEO) and improve your website’s visibility.

1. Write to the Right People

Target a particular keyword phrase for each page on your website. Crawl into the mind of your reader and think about who they are, what kind of information they need, and how they’d search for it. Consider the keywords they’re using. Be the reader. It’s also important not only to write to the right people, but to also streamline your audience. If you’re trying to talk to everyone, it’s likely no one will listen.

2. Publish Relevant Content

There’s no substitute for quality content – it’s the top driver of your search engine rankings. Content crafted specifically for your intended user boosts site traffic, which improves your site’s relevance and authority. Hone your digital writing skills, or hire skilled content professionals, and update regularly.

3. Keyword Placement

Once you’ve chosen the perfect keyword phrase, consider popping part, or all of it in the page title, the page URL (by using keywords in folders), and in page headings and subheadings. Try to be organic with the placements; people quickly pick up on overzealous keyword stuffing. It’s unnatural and not so user-friendly. Never sacrifice good writing for SEO. The best pages are composed for the reader, not for the search engine.

4. Title Metadata

Title Metadata is the most critical Metadata on your page. When designing your website, each page contains a space between the <head> tags to insert metadata; this is information about the contents of your page. Carefully thought out page titles are crucial to obtaining dazzling site visibility.

5. Focus on Readability

When your content is engaging, your audience will stick around – and this makes your page look great to Google. It flags that the page is relevant, and the user found what they needed. This flag is known as dwell time. Readability makes for longer dwell times. Longer dwell times mean higher ranking. Clarity, logic, organisation and simplicity are your key ingredients.

6. Go Deeper in Your Content

Delving deeper into a topic works because it intensifies focus on content quality. Ways to deep-dive your content include; writing longer blogs – 2,000 words plus; writing ultimate guides, and finding new data and studies through Google Scholar and the likes.

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