We see the unsure look on people’s faces when we suggest direct mail as their next genius marketing solution. But the concept isn’t as wild as you’d think!

Here are some top reasons why you should trust us with this idea:

  1. Physical impact leaves a lasting impressionWhen an audience physically holds something in their hands, it’s been proven to create maximum impact and leave a lasting impression.
  2. Mail stands out above the crowdAs a less saturated method of marketing, sending direct mail means your message will stand out more amongst the mass waves of digital messages being sent every minute. Mail is also more likely to be held onto for longer, helping your brand really sink in.
  3. Customers will acknowledge your extra effortSending out mail requires more of an investment than a digital message. Customers will acknowledge this extra effort, which will help you to build a stronger relationship with them.
  4. Old school methods don’t make you anti-digitalIn fact, direct mail campaigns can be the ideal way to capture attention and lead your audience to the right digital place. It simply helps to get your digital message seen and heard.
  5. 75% of small businesses say it offers a good return on investmentThat’s a lot of good feedback that you shouldn’t ignore. If direct mail helped 75% of business see a profit on their investment, that’s a very successful marketing campaign.
  6. Sending mail is now easier than everThere are tons of digital tools out there such as MailshotMaker which will help you to create eye catching mailers. It has a free photo library and easy to follow templates to get you started, but there are many others out there too!

If you would like any assistance in setting up, preparing or creating and sending out a direct mail campaign, get in touch with our experts on 01522 581911. We have a full in-house service from a marketing strategy to design and print, so get in touch today.