Water cooler moments are what keep us all going in the workplace, or at least are what keep the conversations going!

It’s those juicy bits of “Oh my goodness, did you see this?” gossip that everyone can collectively get excited about while gathered around the virtual water cooler. Perhaps you even do have a water cooler? Either way, how do you effectively create these moments for your audience?

1. Listen to what people want

Relevance is always key in creating a moment, story or post that gains traction and the potential to go viral. Always consider what the viewer will get out of the experience and be sure to create something they will actually enjoy.

2. Engage people in an ongoing story

Audiences love questions that intrigue and open up a conversation; stories that are truly engaging. Build a discussion across multiple platforms, ask questions and encourage responses, this will keep your story going!

3. Design for the platform

Why not start a Live video on Instagram, or set up a poll on Twitter? Tap into and use tools that are platform-relevant to help your posts stand out.

4. Iterate constantly

Don’t be afraid to change up your idea or the flow of conversation as it grows. Let the journey shape itself and revisit it regularly. This is a great way to create a water cooler moment that lives beyond the moment.

5. Communicate in an accessible way

Don’t take yourself too seriously, write as you are speaking and don’t be afraid to stand out by pushing the bar. Instead of speaking like everybody else, speak in a way that’s bound to encourage others to share their opinion. In turn, this will make you more accessible as a company.

6. Don’t steal ideas

As tempting as it may be, don’t copy another company’s idea, no matter how engaging it is. Your audience will see right through it and authenticity is a highly admirable quality.

Above all, take risks with your water cooler moment. This is the ideal time to see what’s possible and create a buzz that outlives the morning coffee break.


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