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Most small businesses have a modest marketing budget and, even if you don’t, it’s important to make every penny count.

Your budget doesn’t have to be big to make a big impact, and so we’re going to share 4 low-budget marketing tactics with you here. Let’s make that budget go further.

  1. Reuse your adverts and content in multiple formats
    When you create digital adverts or blogs for webspace, remember to share them on social media and in emails too. You could even print them out and hand them out in meetings. Make your sales pitch travel further simply by reusing them and spreading the word further.
  2. Stick with what works
    We always encourage trying new tactics and targeting new audiences, but too many marketers scrap their old promotions or ideas because they get bored. Run your ads and campaigns for as long as your customers react. If something has worked well in the past, simply update the content and use the same method to attract your customers. This approach might not be the most fun but it will save time and money, and could be equally as successful as new ideas.
  3. Test something before over presenting
    It can be really tempting to go all out with an idea and print a fancy gold embossed mailer or brochure, but remember to test your idea before spending all of your budget. While we don’t recommend cutting corners or lowering the quality of your marketing materials, it’s important to not go overboard right away too, unless your brand is at the highest-end of your market.
  4. Don’t over-segregate your market
    Rather than target many different markets with different adverts, create a single brochure or advert that has multiple benefits for multiple audiences. Your product or service will have the same operation, features and specifications, it’s only the benefits that will change. By using the same advert or brochure, you will save time and money in both the design and printing costs.

Another great way to save marketing costs is to increase your leads and invest in external experts. By hiring content writers, press release distributors and social media managers, you will be able to push your content further and broaden your horizon, and will see a much bigger return on investment in your marketing budget.

If you’d like any assistance with your marketing planning, content or distribution, contact Fill the Gap Marketing on 01522 581 911.