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If we’ve learned anything from our years of web design experience, it’s that you can tell a lot from looking at new and exciting design trends. These trends quite literally pave the way, making design history.

It’s important to take note!

So, whether you incorporate some of these ideas in your next website update or adopt a small nod and simply tweak your typography or colouring, here are some of the latest trends we love:

Break the grid: Gone are the days of uniform vertical and horizontal lines. Don’t get us wrong, it’s important to keep some structure in menus, but items are definitely breaking more rules, making grids feel less rigid.

Moving grids: This concept takes the broken grid one step further and actually moves elements around as the website is explored. This works better when chunks of text are small and can be easily viewed on a single page.

Fluid shapes: Circles are the new squares. You may have noticed social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram adopt this trend for profile pictures. More than that, circles and shapes aren’t perfect either, they are more blob-like, fluid and natural.

Feelings of nostalgia: More and more companies are experimenting with nostalgic and retro designs, colour palettes and logos that look fresh from the 80s and typefaces that make us think of a different time. Not many websites were around in the 80s, so now is their time to shine.

Enhanced images: Images are taking centre stage, spanning entire widths of websites and catching the eye. Others are adding doodle-like freehand sketches to images to make them stand out. Pulling attention to images instead of text seems to be a big trend this year.

Monochrome: Monochrome is big this year, sometimes with a single colour pop of highlight. This instantly simplifies websites and actually makes them more memorable in an internet full of colour.

Layering and overlapping: Overlapping boxes, images and text is another trend this year. This gives websites a mood board effect, and is best when kept minimal. Otherwise it can cause confusion and frustration.

More white space: Don’t be afraid to harness white spaces. Amongst sites that are content heavy, your white spaces can provide a much needed (and memorable) rest for the eyes of your visitors.

If you’re excited by any of these ideas or are looking to update your website then give us a call on 01522 581 911, and we’ll be happy to help with your next website update.