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Looking at marketing campaigns and messages that have made the biggest impact can give us a much clearer insight into trends and shifts in the market.


Examining what’s popular can help us decipher not only what current audiences are looking for, but what messages resonate with them and what trends are important to them.

So, which messages have made the biggest impact so far this year:

1.The World Record Egg – Protecting mental health

Did you spot the stock image of an egg that has drawn over 50.5 million likes on Instagram? After being shared by major celebrities around the world, that picture really did go on to break the world record as most liked picture on Instagram.

Not only did the egg go viral but so did its message of making sure your mental health doesn’t crack under the pressure of social media. A very clever campaign that shows a good cause goes a long way

2. Gillette – Tackling toxic masculinity

Gillette’s famous tagline “The best a man can get” was given a refresh in 2019. In its recent campaign it was updated to “The best a man can be” alongside an emotional video which was released on Twitter. The tweet received 15,000 likes, 2,300 retweets and 3,500 comments and has been both critiqued and praised for its attempt to tackle toxic masculinity.

Some claimed the move was foolish for its own reputation. As a brand that targets only males, it was a brave move to call them out so publicly, and they have been largely praised for doing so.

Gillette have reported that sales haven’t declined since the campaign launched and is calling the campaign a big success, an impact worth making it seems.

3. Greggs – Calling all vegans

Veganism is more popular than ever in 2019 and a company famous for their meat snacks made huge waves when they released their vegan sausage roll earlier this year.

Despite not even being their first vegan product, the sausage roll hit the headlines within hours of launching the 30 second video of the vegan sausage roll on Twitter.

The video received over 5 million views, #GreggsVeganSausageRoll was used over 800 times and Greggs’ marketing team were quick with witty responses which received 100,000’s of likes.

4. Bonds lingerie – Changing beauty standards

Described as an ad that: “strives to challenge conventions of beauty in all forms,” the latest video from Bonds was part of a campaign fronted by Bosnian-Australian transgender model Andreja Pejic. And instantly went viral.
Lingerie is a product that is well known for putting women on display. To use a transgender model was a huge step for a lingerie brand and has been one that was highly praised.

The major factor that three out of these four campaigns have in common is their shock factor; the shock of going against the expected or the ‘norm’. A masculine brand call out toxic masculinity, a meat-obsessed company launches a vegan product and a lingerie brand challenges convention with a transgender model. The egg campaign was incredibly clever because it highlighted not only how damaging social media can be to mental health, but it showed that ANY photo can become popular with the right influencers.

If marketing in 2019 has taught us anything so far, it’s to expect the unexpected, and it’s fantastic that brands are still managing to do that.

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