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A chatbot is a computer program which can have real conversations with customers. Their chat interface allows them to converse with real humans, providing answers to their questions and generally being as helpful as possible. They are essentially friendly digital assistants.

Many companies have added chatbots to their website, and for good reason. But what exactly are those reasons? Why have chatbots become one of the biggest website trends this year?

1. Customers don’t need to download a chatbot
Unlike apps or even something as simple as finding an FAQ page, a chatbot simply pops up and sees if they need any help.

2. Chatbots are there 24/7
With no closing time and no reason to tire, a chatbot will be there to help your customers and potential customers any time of day, every day.

3. Chatbots keep you ahead of competition
With response time being key to good customer service, having an instant chatbot around to answer any pressing questions or solve queries instantly puts you ahead of your competitors.

4. Chatbots improve customer loyalty
Engagement is key to building relationships with your customers. The better the service your company provides, the more loyal your customers will be. If your chatbot improves your service and your engagement ability, then they will also improve the happiness of your customers too.

5. Chatbots mean higher retention rates on your website
Chatbots are proven to keep customers on your website for longer when engaging in conversations and helping them find the products or services they’re after. The longer customers spend on your website and engaging with your brand, the more likely they are to purchase.

6. Chatbots give customers a better experience
Customers dislike being frustrated when it comes to finding information they need. By having a chatbot ready to help them, you are improving their experience and they’re much more likely to tell their friends about it.

7. Chatbots save your company money
Having a chatbot can greatly reduce the human resources required in making a sale. If a chatbot does the work of someone who would otherwise need to answer a phone call or email, then it’s a much more cost-effective method of problem solving for that customer.

8. Chatbot technology is getting better each year
As chatbots get more popular, the technology around them is improving too. As chatbots become mainstream, more companies will work to improve them, meaning their quality will only continue to get better over time.

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