Have you ever wished you could react to a LinkedIn post in more ways than a simple ‘thumbs up’.

Well, due to popular demand, all of your emoji-fuelled dreams are about to come true.

LinkedIn have decided to increase their offering of reactions to users’ posts, broadening the available emoji range and rolling them out within upcoming months.

The new additions to the ‘Like’ reaction include:

To congratulate on a new job, or celebrate a new role or accomplishment.

For a heart-felt reaction, such as doing good for the environment or charity work.

For when someone posts an interesting idea or shares wisdom, perhaps.


For when a thought-provoking topic or mysterious update is shared.

This new range of reactions will hopefully encourage more participation with posts, as well as give readers more variety in how they would like to express themselves.

LinkedIn had this to say about the update: “We’re starting to roll out a set of Reactions on LinkedIn, giving you more ways to quickly and constructively communicate with one another. As a poster, these new reactions can help you better understand the impact your posts are having.”

How LinkedIn came up with this update:

LinkedIn analysed the top one-to-two-word comments on the site to see if they could make it easier for their users to communicate. The top eight words were: “congratulations”, “congrats”, “interested”, “thanks”, “+” (is that a word?), the thumbs up emoji, “yes” and “Amen.” And those four additional emoji reactions were the result of this research

How this will affect your marketing

Although a small new addition to the huge networking site, these reactions should help users better connect and talk with your community on LinkedIn.

More connections, more interactions and more conversation starters all mean better publicity for your profile and your company.

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