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SEO (Search engine optimisation) is one of the most effective ways to get free and organic traffic to your website.

Major search engines, such as GoogleBing and Yahoo, display primary search results after a search term or keyword has been entered. These results show viewers relevant pages, videos and local listings that are all ranked based on what the search engine considers most relevant to that user and how strong the information is on the landing page on your website.

Why do you need SEO?

The main reason for wanting to optimise your SEO is to improve your brand visibility within search engine results.

So, when someone searches for the services or products you offer, your site will appear high in those results, increasing your visibility, visitor number and profits.

Why should you optimise your SEO?

This is a great question. The simple answer is – to get your website seen by its most relevant audience. But there are other benefits too:

A quality website – Having a good level of SEO means that you’ve had to establish recognised authority with your website. And that will do more for your brand than most.

A quality brand – Quality SEO is most effective when found on quality websites, so quality SEO reflects high quality within your company.

A better user experience – Quality SEO also means a website has quality backlink profiles, positive user behaviour, machine-learning signals and optimised on-page elements and content. These signs show that you give your users a great user experience when visiting your website.

Flourish locally – Local SEO optimises your website for a specific vicinity, so that local people can find you quickly and easily. This will help your business to flourish in your local area.

Stay ahead of competition – Buyers and customers really do their research these days. By showing your best features in your SEO, as well as your visibility and dependability, you will stay one step ahead of your competitors.

Helps you stay web-savvy – The internet isn’t going anywhere. By increasing your knowledge around SEO you are staying web-savvy and on top of any changes that take place.

It’s free! – SEO is no doubt one of the cheapest ways to greatly improve your marketing efforts. Staying visible on search engines is key to growing your audience, so it’s worth this cost-effective investment.

Page one is everything – A recent study shows that the first three organic search ranking positions result in nearly 40 per cent of all click-throughs. If you’re not on page one, you’re very likely going to be missed.

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