According to the latest statistics, there are currently over 1.49 billion active users on Facebook. And, when you consider that over 78% of these users find products to buy via Facebook, that’s huge audience potential for your company to reach.

2019 is a year of new and exciting updates for Facebook, updates that you can harness to make sure you make more sales. Here are some of the biggest changes and additions to look out for this year:

1. Adverts added to Stories 
Facebook owning Instagram means that we’re likely to see more crossovers with these platforms. This year, Facebook is adding adverts into its stories and allowing users to share Instagram stories straight to their Facebook account. This means more eye-catching visual content for your followers.

2. Augmented Reality
Facebook began testing augmented reality ads back in July 2018 and users have been excited for this introduction ever since. It’s most useful with products such as sunglasses or accessories where you can simply “tap to try” and see what the products look like via your device’s camera. If this is one your business can get involved with, we think the hype is going to be big.

3. Page Recommendations
Page Recommendations are an upgrade of Page Reviews, users can now explain with tags, text and photos their experiences with companies and products. It’s sort of like a Yelp-Facebook integration and will be much more insightful for audiences.

4. Video Metrics update
Facebook have now removed all of the redundant metrics and replaced them with straight to the point metrics that help you understand your video views, video play percentage, and ads much better. A useful update which may well see a rise in video uploads.

5. Brand Lift
This is a brand new feature which shows an ad campaign’s impact through a paid test. It’s not yet available in the UK, but we think this could be the year it’s introduced here. Its insights will help to tailor marketing campaigns to boost sales and grow followers.

6. Video Creation Kit
With video content continuing to rise, the addition of Facebook’s Video Creation Kit turns existing photo assets into mobile-friendly videos. Plus features such as customisable templates and text overlays make the video making process easier than ever before.

7. Press and Hold Ads  – Interactive ads
Facebook allows interactive adverts called Press and Hold ads, which gives marketers the option to encourage tapping or holding a finger on top of adverts to see an interactive change. Perhaps the user will be taken to a slideshow to a new video which reveals something exciting. This type of ad encourages more interaction and brand engagement.

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