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Google is undoubtably one of the most useful tools in the twenty first century, but it sure can seem elusive and mysterious sometimes. With 3.5 billion users flocking to the website daily, how well do we really know what users want? And, more importantly, how can we use this information to our marketing advantage?

By having a better understanding of the Google user, we gain better insight into how to reach them. What are they searching for? How long do they spend searching? What devices are they using? And so on. This is all very useful information to have when working on your search engine optimisation (SEO) content, ad headlines and writing for your target audience.

We’ve put together some useful statistics, which we found very interesting indeed.

Top 6 general search stats:

1. The volume of Google searches grows by roughly 10% every year.

2. Every year, somewhere between 16% and 20% of Google searches are new.

3. 90% of searches made on desktops are done via Google.

4. 35% of product searches start on Google.

5. The average Google search session lasts just under a minute.

6. Organic Google results with 3-4 words in the title drive higher click through rates (CTRs) than organic results with 1-2 words in the title.

The rise of mobile

Mobile device usage has also made a big difference in Google’s statistics. Mobile devices now make up a whopping 52% of all global internet traffic, more than half. So, here are some interesting mobile statistics, which will help to have in the back of your mind when planning your next campaign.

Top 6 Google mobile stats:

1. 60% of Google searches are made on mobile devices. Only 5 years ago, the figure was nearly half of that at 34%.

2. Roughly a third of all mobile Google searches are related to location.

3. 65% of clicks on paid Google search results come from mobile devices.

4. The average CTR for a Google search ad on mobile is 4.1%. That’s nearly a full percentage point higher than the average CTR for a desktop ad, at 3.17%.

5. 42% of mobile-driven brand interactions involve Google search.

6. Mobile search queries are practically as long as desktop search queries.

Google is clearly a strong front runner for internet search, so if you would like any assistance with making sure your campaigns or website gets noticed on Google – come and talk to our marketing experts on 01522 581911.