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Many social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, offer insights and analytics into the success of business posts. However, LinkedIn is a platform where success is less easily measured.

The world’s largest professional network

LinkedIn is officially the world’s largest professional network, boasting more than 560 million users across more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. It is the ideal place to connect with useful contacts who can help grow your knowledge, referral lists and business opportunities too.

But what more can LinkedIn tell us?

  1. Who has viewed your profile?Even a basic LinkedIn account will be able to tell you who has viewed your profile which brings with it some great opportunities. If an existing connection has viewed your profile, why not drop them a message to see how they’re doing? Maybe you could help them with something?! Similarly, if a non-connection has viewed your profile, perhaps check what industry they are in and offer to connect with them if they could be useful. This kind of data is a great metric for measuring success because, in general, the more profile views the better!
  1. Who has been searching for you and what are they searching for?This kind of data shows what individuals are searching for when your name comes up in their search results. Are they looking for help with something that’s your expertise? The skills section of your profile is particularly important in helping you appear in searches that are relevant to your industry and skills. You can also add your skills to other sections such as the headline and summary of your role, this will aid search.
  2. How successful is your content?LinkedIn is a great place to distribute content and share your knowledge. Whether you’re sharing a simple status update or an entire article, this encourages engagement from other professionals and that engagement extends the reach of your content to a wider network. Data for post views also shares useful insights such as where the viewer is located and what they do, this could help you to tailor your future content plan.
  3. Your entire professional storyLinkedIn works best if used as a living document, i.e. something that is regularly updated as achievements and careers progress. A quarterly diary reminder can really help you to make the most of your LinkedIn profile, as only 51% of user profiles are complete.

Above all, remember to keep your profile relevant, up-to-date and your inbox messages replied to. That’s how you make the most of LinkedIn and track your success.

If you would like any help managing your LinkedIn account, contact the Fill the Gap Marketing team on 01522 581911 and we’ll be happy to assist you.