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Going to a business exhibition is often seen as a big investment to small businesses, so it’s important to know that the return on investment is going to be worth it.

With this in mind, we thought we’d put together a useful list of facts to consider, helping you decide if a business exhibition is right for you.

Consider choosing only the best exhibition

If you’re new to business exhibitions, and have a relatively tight budget, then it pays to do your research. Create a plan so that you know what you want to achieve and then pick the event which closely matches your objectives and provide the best opportunity to reach your target audience.

Reach a wide audience, including decision-makers directly

On average, 88% of exhibition visitors are new prospects and fresh faces to your company. This makes a business exhibition the perfect place to grow your audience and contact list. The quality of attendees is also an important factor. 82% of decision-makers attend business exhibitions, which means that the people you meet at exhibitions are most likely to be high-quality visitors.

Know how to maximise your presence

While in front of so many new faces, it’s important to be memorable when surrounded by so many other businesses. Collect contact information, send out e-newsletters, give away branded freebies. You could also invite people to your stand to watch a live chat or event. Above all, make sure you’re remembered and easily contactable.

Do you have time for pre-exhibition planning?

Smart and careful preparation is vital for a good return on investment. You want to maximise opportunities by knowing the exhibitor manual and being well prepared with lighting, electricity options, as well as knowing how much space you will be allocated.

You will also need to ensure your marketing materials are up to date, which could be another expense to consider.

Get more bang for your buck

According to research by The Freeman Company, exhibiting is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach qualified audiences. The average cost per trade show visitor is £120 whereas an average sales call costs is £195.

If a business exhibition is something you’ve never considered before, or would like to consider again, why not add it to your 2019 marketing strategy? Remember, the team at Fill The Gap Marketing are always here to help – 01522 581911.