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Pay Per Click (PPC) is a type of advertisement that allows businesses to target web-users who might be interested in your services or product. As the name suggests, businesses only pay when the advert has been clicked on and engaged with.

Many small businesses rule out PPC because they expect it to be only a useful marketing tool for bigger companies.

However, PPC is a really useful tool for small businesses. Not only is it cost effective (because you only pay for physical clicks on your advert), but funds are easily controlled and it is considered a highly targeted form of marketing – you reach the right audience whilst only paying for the interest you gain.

Other reasons to use PPC as a small business:

You don’t need to spend a lot with PPC

Start with a small campaign and increase your spending slowly, seeing where the interest lies. Analyse the results and see which keywords are most profitable, that way you get a good return on your investment without spending a lot.

PPC gives your website rankings a boost

Growing an audience organically takes time. If you’d like to bridge the waiting gap with a new audience, then PPC is the ideal way to give your site rankings a quick boost.

PPC improves your public profile

PPC helps drive future enquiries and clicks even after your campaign has ended. This is because people who have seen your adverts are more likely to remember you and will visit your site long after the campaign has ended.

PPC attracts the right audience

A well-targeted audience means more conversions. Not only will you attract more eyes to your website and brand, you’ll attract the right eyes and make more sales.

You’ll know which messages work best

When trying out different keywords in your PPC adverts, you’ll see which words attract the most clicks. In turn, this will show you how to improve your messages and sales features across other areas of your marketing.

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