More than 5 million businesses are advertising on Facebook which means it’s very much a great place to advertise. However, you don’t want to jump into Facebook advertising without a plan of action – Facebook advertising can become pricey over time and it’s important to measure your ROI to ensure your investment is a smart one.

So, how can you increase your return on investment instead of simply testing your luck? We’ve put together a checklist to help you get the most out of your Facebook advertising.

Explore the range of adverts available

A simple advert is better than no advert at all, but are you aware of the dynamic range Facebook has to offer? A carousel advert can showcase multiple benefits, for example, and can help to increase click-throughs to your website. Check out collection ads too, Facebook has many options.

Unique messages for different audiences

Different businesses and customers will have different needs and reasons to use your services, make sure your ad messages target the right audiences. For example, if you could save a large business time, promote that. If you could save a small business money then that’s perhaps the best angle for them.

Add retargeting cookies to your site

Did you know that 92 per cent of first-time website visitors don’t intend to make a purchase? Retargeting ads remind visitors of your products or services long after they’ve left your site and can convince them to return. Facebook is a great platform for retargeting potential customers; if they’ve visited your site once, you know they’re remotely interested in what you have to offer.

Create designated landing pages on your site

If you’re targeting multiple audiences, then clicking through to a different message on your website will confuse the audience and potentially lose you sales. Make a simple landing page on your website for each advert click-through and make it clear that the reader is in the right place. Similarly, if it’s email addresses you’re looking to collect, make the email address entry-box easy to find on that page.

Use high quality, eye catching and clear images in ads

You have to make a great impression quickly, so be sure to use images that clearly promote what you do (or sell), as well as the high quality of your company. Use colourful images that will stand out in a news feed and don’t forget to include a convincing headline too.

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