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Technology is making a big impact on the way that digital marketing is evolving. Ongoing innovation means that marketers are constantly finding new ways to explore new methods when helping their clients generate more leads.

One of the most exciting advances is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and many companies are starting to see the benefits that AI can bring into their digital marketing.

We’ve listed the top 5 benefits of incorporating AI to your digital marketing strategy below:

  1. Easy Content GenerationDid you know that some reliable news sites such as Washington Post and Associated Press are already using digital robots to generate content? AI can be used to generate smart, targeted product descriptions for e-stores, and can replicate the quality of a human author at a fraction of the cost, error-free and quickly. AI can also generate business reports and create flash news for websites and social media.
  2. Gather Email Marketing InformationEmail marketing is one of the most affordable ways to successfully increase revenues. New AI tools are making email even more efficient, using analysis data to understand customer’s online habits and then personalising email campaigns to suit their preferences. AI can also be used to generate keywords that will improve lead generation where readers can immediately spot the benefits.
  3. Predictive Customer HabitsWith the help of cutting edge AI assistants and tools, you can easily measure and follow customer habits and preferences on your website. These tools collect data and then use it to generate tailor made offers for your customers. AI can also assist companies with customer service and on-boarding which is all backed up with the useful data that has been gathered. AI can even help predict new products and services that you should offer customers, so you can stay ahead of the competition.
  4. Voice SearchAI is quickly becoming a key component when developing voice companions such as Siri and Cortana. AI is helping to improve the learning abilities of these tools, as well as helping them to memorise users’ habits, incorporating them into business websites and apps.
  5. Improve Website RankingsHave you heard of the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project? AMP technology is helping to significantly increase website loading speeds and convert more sales. If you’re looking to adapt your website and prepare it for the future of AI-enhanced algorithms, then AMP technology is going to be a major contributor to increasing sales.

Getting onboard with these AI guidelines will help to distinguish your business from your competitors and, when teamed up with a smart marketing strategy, will help your business grow with more momentum.

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