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Due to popular demand, Fill the Gap Marketing have teamed up with Nettl so that we can now offer our clients specialist SEO services. This service sits alongside our other popular services with Nettl such as website design and printing. We only partner with companies we trust, to offer you the best possible services out there.

A full package:

We know how important a full package is for our customers and that it’s much more convenient when all essential services come from one place. What use is a glowing new website if an audience can’t find it? What use is fantastic copy if there isn’t a website to display it on?

Adding more in-demand services to our offering means that our clients get a smarter package, all from the same great company with the expertise they can trust.

SEO is more important than ever before:

Ranking highly on search engines is critical when it comes to growing your customer base. It’s now become as important (if not more important) than having an eye catching, clear website.

There has never been a better time to update and improve your SEO. Search engines introduce new SEO rules, guidelines, strategies and updates constantly and a high ranking is currently harder to achieve than ever before.

Offering our customers this service is a big step forward for us at Fill the Gap Marketing, and we’re certain it will help many more of our clients achieve their marketing goals. We’re here to help your company grow, whether that’s by growing your audience, your social media presence, your website views, your sales or your services.

We’re always here to listen to your needs.

If you’d like to talk to us about your SEO plans, or your marketing strategy for 2019, contact the team on 01522 581911 or email us at hello@fillthegapmarketing.co.uk.