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We love a good trend publication. They probably have quite a niche audience, let’s be honest, but as marketing specialists, it’s this new-found knowledge that helps us to help you succeed. And we love helping you succeed more than anything.

These trends for 2019 set new benchmarks; they show us new opportunities for improvement, and they will help you build a relevant audience. If this was Lord of the Rings, then marketing trends are the map to that huge ring volcano place.

Now we want to share these trends with you, to show you anything you may have overlooked, to help you on your quest…

Maturity impresses an audience

Sophistication is the new sexy. Only 33% of contenders could currently label their marketing as being sophisticated. So how do you improve your sophistication in marketing? Content marketing should be scaled across the entire business, from HR through to sales to ensure consistency. Keep communication high and get serious about measurement (more on that at the bottom of the page).

Document your strategy

61% of companies still either don’t have a marketing strategy or don’t have one written down. It’s time to plan or revise one, if you’re serious about growing your company. Experiment, measure and report your findings. We offer marketing plans as a single service and it’s the most successful way to set (and meet) new targets.

Consider paid promotion

A more impressive 66% of companies said they have used paid methods to distribute their content to a wider audience, but that means that 34% are still relying on organic reach and existing subscribers. Paid promotion targets not only new eyes, but relevant new eyes, and it’s well worth the small investment if you aren’t already doing it.

Talk to your audience

Find out what your audience want; conduct surveys and talk to them about their needs. Is there something they particularly love? Is there something you could improve on? Only 42% of companies said that talking to their customers was a priority. Arrange the time to collect data straight from your customers and see how quickly your marketing content conversions improve.

Connect with influencers

Influencers can help promote your content, especially if it’s content they have created themselves. If there’s a company, customer or affiliate who would boost your audience’s motivation and excitement towards your products or services, then it’s a very good avenue to explore. Only 24% of companies said they partner with others to meet their content marketing initiatives.

Increase conversions with content

Easier said than done, we know, but it’s important to get a good balance between interesting content and content that actually converts the reader into a customer. We need to move away from last-click models and into more sophisticated posts that take readers into other parts of your website or services list.

ROI (Return on Investment) is such an important thing to measure, the statistics speak for themselves: 72% of the most successful companies can measure their ROI, while only 22% of the

least successful can say the same. ROI helps you secure a budget and expand your services, it makes your company better at measurement and reporting, and it shows your levels of success.

If you would like any assistance in putting together (or improving) a marketing plan, would like to discuss ways to measure your ROI or are interested in exploring paid promotion options, simply get in touch with the Fill the Gap Marketing team on 01522 581 911.