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The internet has quickly become our go-to source for information. Whether you want to find out local store opening times, the number for an emergency plumber or the background of your new favourite band, the internet will have your solution.

So, what about when it comes to your business? How do you stand out amongst this sea of information? You’re competing against every other existing business with an internet presence, not just in your area, but globally.

Digital Marketing is the solution can help you stand out and lead the right audience to your door.

So what is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is essentially the advertisement of your company through online channels. This includes websites, search engines, social media, mobile applications and emails.

Why is it particularly important to startups?

These different channels are extremely important in cementing your skills and services, particularly if you don’t have much experience or if you don’t have an existing reputation, we’re looking at you – startups.

If you have created a brand new product or are offering a brand new service, then a clear online presence and promotion of your benefits is essential to gaining successful promotion.

What use is an amazing service if nobody knows what it is that you do?

Important things to remember when it comes to Digital Marketing:

Persistence is key – There are no shortcuts in Digital Marketing, it will require patience, learning and reacting to situations as they occur over time.

Always be thinking about SEO – Hiring an SEO analyst or specialist will be very beneficial to helping you increase your rank across all important search engines. Optimise different parts of your website such as title tags, page content and page speed to improve your SEO.

Social Media is a very useful tool – Different platforms help you reach new audiences and also customise your reach according to budget. Return on Investment (ROI) should be your priority when planning social media budgets. Engage with your audience as much as possible and be responsive.

Consider Pay Per Click – Pay Per Click advertising helps draw the right audience to your website when they’re on other sites. High traffic to your site will lead to more conversions and will help enhance your brand awareness.

Email your customers directly – An introductory email or email campaign is a great way to speak directly to your customers and tell them (or remind them) of all the benefits you can offer them. Attractive promotions are an effective way to engage your audience and gain loyal, return customers.

Regularly share your knowledge – Showing your audience that you are the experts in your field is a great way to build loyalty and reassurance. Share content on your site about how you solve real problems with your products or services, and don’t forget to cater to existing customers too.

As global technology continues to evolve, it’s more important than ever before to stay ahead of this curve. Startups in particular must put extra effort into marketing themselves and their services, in order to get noticed and thrive amongst their competition.

If you would like to talk to us directly about a digital marketing strategy, contact us on 01522 581911 and we’ll be happy to guide you.