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Public speaking is an experience that many consider daunting, but that fact alone actually works in your favour.

Think about it. Not many business owners feel the desire to speak in front of a large audience, but those that do are helping themselves and their businesses stand out from the crowd.

If it was a popular method of self promotion then it wouldn’t be as effective as it is. So, we believe there’s never been a better time to try it. Here’s why:

  1. It shows confidence
    Human beings trust those that are confident in their skills and their abilities. Speaking to a large audience is respect-worthy in itself, but it also shows that you’re confident in what you’re talking about – your company.
  2. It shows expertise
    Sharing your knowledge with many people at once means that you have knowledge worth sharing. It puts you in a position of authority within your industry and highlights your expertise.
  3. It makes you memorable
    People remember information that is explained to them in person much more accurately than if they read it. Long after the presentation is over, the audience will remember your name, your logo and what you do for a living. You’ll become instantly recognisable and the audience is much more likely to think of you when someone is in need of your services.
  4. It grabs attention and extends your reach
    Speaking is a heavily engaging form of communication, it requires eye contact, in many cases it requires a response (whether it be clapping or nodding) and it creates excitement. People who may not have noticed your company in the past will now notice it for the first time and become aware of what you do.
  5. It humanises your brand
    In an infinite sea of websites, business cards and buzzwords, it’s so refreshing for the public to see the face behind a company. Your passion, dedication and personality will shine through and this will build a real personal connection with your audience.
  6. It grows your online traffic
    With a lot of social platforms, it’s easy to reach saturation point and interact with only the same people over and over. By extending your reach into a new audience, your Google rankings and followers will increase overnight.
  7. It educates your prospects
    By putting yourself out there physically, you are then available to answer questions one-to-one, explain complex concepts and create long-lasting relationships by giving an audience the experience of having spoken to you directly.

Each of these benefits will help to boost your business, increase your revenue and set you apart from your competitors. Is public speaking still something you’re going to rule out? We say “go for it!”.