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Everyone has goals, and whether they be big or small, they are important. Goals, dreams and aspirations are what keep us motivated. They push us to be better versions of ourselves and keep us focussed. So why do so many people give up on their goals?

People give up on goals when they aren’t equipped or prepared to take on the full extent of what their dream entails. Some people are afraid of hard work. Don’t be that person.

Here at Fill the Gap, we understand better than most what it is like to pursue a dream, as this entire organisation was built upon a dream.

In 2010, Fill the Gap founder Joanne Wilson set out to build her very own marketing agency, and eight years on, the growth and development she has seen is incredible…

We are now a fully integrated marketing agency serving Lincolnshire and surrounding areas. And we absolutely love what we do.

In honour of this, we’d like to share some tips with you on how to start accomplishing your goals:

Be realistic

Being realistic is key. You need to accept that anything worth having takes time. Make a plan with realistic time frames, realistic budgets and realistic milestones. By failing to make a realistic plan, you are only hurting yourself as you are only making more work for yourself.

Stay positive

Sometimes you will get knocked back – that is inevitable. Staying positive and persevering will be worth it in the end when you are met with success.

Talk about it

By talking about your goal and your dream, you will never lose sight of what you set out to achieve. Rally support from loved ones – you’ll be surprised at how motivated you are when you feel fully supported.

Listen to your heart, your head and your gut – no one else’s

This is your goal, your dream and your life. Yes, support and advice should always be met with warmth, however do not let people take over what you are trying to achieve. You should remain in control, and you should be the driving force at all times.

Now go out and get it. Good luck, we believe in you!